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Ask me about "CHILDREN"

(However, if you need information about "kids" please contact one of our animal science professionals in the Department of Renewable Resources.  They are excellent resources on goats, sheep, cattle and other barnyard friends.)   Child & Family Studies students please be aware that addressing children as "children" is an important sign of respect for the stage of life as well as for the individual person.  It is a sign of professional expression and one which will be practiced throughout your program of study.

The courses  I teach

Be sure to note the date on each syllabus.  Some syllabi are from the current semester, some from the most recent past semester, and, as each semester draws to a close, some syllabi will be for the next semester.

STUDENTS:  All course materials are currently available on Blackboard. Look in Course Documents for syllabi and other important course information. HUMR 339 HUMR 417.   HUMR 429.

HUMR 339            HUMR 417              HUMR 429     HUMR 439

HUMR 479         HUMR 497           HUMR 417 PHYSICAL FORM


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