Welcome to my home page.  I'm the one on the right; that's Nancy, a National Distinguished Principal, on the left.  This photo was taken in Grenada, shortly before a large wave came up and destroyed the camera.

I'm a cognitive psychologist in the Department of Psychology at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  I'm also a faculty member in the Institute of Cognitive Science.  My research interests include information processing models of memory and learning, and discourse processes.  A major focus of my research has been on how mental comparisons are made.  Among the issues I study here are the nature of the magnitude information underlying comparison, how contextual information affects the computational algorithms in comparison, and how new information may be integrated with old information.  Recent work in my lab looks at the contributions of categorization and attentional processes in this domain.  I am also interested in contextual effects on discourse processes, and how design features of computer-mediated communication can influence the ways in which people work with one another.  Both of these lines of research essentially involve the question of strategic processing: How do people modify their actions in different situations to optimize what they are doing?  Other interests include sensitivity to situational frequency and the underlying representations that such sensitivity is based upon; memory illusions; mental models, and VR. 



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