Readings For Psychology


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Important Notices For Fall 2012:
(1) I need to change the starting time for the
Final review to 12:25 instead of 12.  

(2) There appears to be some confusion about points
and grades.  The lower limits
for A through D are 87.5,
, 57.5, and 42.5,
respectively, so if you plan to drop
one of the
first 3 tests, multiply these by 3 to see how many
points total you need for an A, B, C, or D (though I will move
you up if you are within 2 or 3 points
of the total).

(3)  One More Thing:  The Final Exam Starts At 8, not 9:30!!!


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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Basic Findings In Classical Conditioning

Chapter 3: Representation-Level & Behavioral-Level Theories Of Classical Conditioning

Chapter 4: The Basic Findings In Instrumental/Operant Conditioning

Chapter 5: The Nature Of Reinforcement & Its Effects On Acquisition

Chapter 6: Partial Reinforcement & Extinction

Chapter 7: Attention & Categorization

Some Notes On The Multi-Store Model

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