CSCE 566: Essay Topics

Spring 2018

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 27, at 5.00pm

General Guidelines

You can choose an essay topic in one of the following directions.
  1. Design/improvement of a specific data mining algorithm
    This would involve the selection and/or generation of databases for performance evaluation.
  2. Comparison/integration of existing data mining techniques
    Analyze the differences between the different techniques, and provide ideas for their integration.
  3. A case study of a data mining application
    This would involve problem analysis, data cleaning, selection of the right technique and software, conducting data mining and reporting the results.
You can start with the paper that has been assigned to you for class presentation for a possible topic.

Examples of Topics

Please refer to the writing guidelines for information about research writing in knowledge and data engineering.
E-mail your essay submission (in Word, PDF, or a scanned copy) to Ege Beyazit by 04/27/18 at 5:00pm,
with "Data Mining Essay Submission" as the subject title (hardcopies are not acceptable).