Online Bulletin for UL-Lafayette Graduate Students in Chemical Engineering

This page has been assembled to compile useful information and answer frequently asked questions for our graduate students
For a complete description of our graduate school policies and list of courses, please reference UL's Graduate School Bulletin

Other useful information and forms may be found on our Graduate School's website

Potential applicants are encouraged to visit this website to provide information and answer commonly asked questions.

Important Contacts for the CHEE department:

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. William Chirdon
Department Head: Dr. Rafael Hernandez
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Roxie Guidry
Safety Coordinator: Mr. Jim Dooley
For a complete listing of our CHEE faculty with contact information, please visit our departmental website

Internal policies for CHEE graduate students:

Our department also follows internal policies which may not be found in the handbook, please familiarize yourself with these policies found here.

Courses for MS students:

An excel sheet shows the required courses to complete an MS degree can be found here.

Note as of Spring 2013, all MS students will be required to take the following three core courses:
CHEE 501: Transport Phenomena, CHEE 510: Advanced Thermodynamics, or CHEE 520: Advanced Reactor Design

Also, note a maximum of 3 special topics credit hours can be counted towards criterion #1.

Graduate students are required to register for CHEE 514: Graduate Seminar for every semester it is offered, but the course credits do not count toward the degree requirements

Leveling Courses for students without chemical engineering degrees:

Students in the PhD and MS programs without chemical engineering degrees must successfully pass ENGR 305, CHEE 201, CHEE 302, CHEE 310, CHEE 405, and CHEE 420 in order to graduate in our program. If they have completed equivalent courses with a minimum grade of C (or equivalent grade) in their previous studies, the department head will decide which of these leveling courses are still required. Students are advised to complete leveling courses before their core courses. Students must comply with all course pre-requisites. Leveling courses do not count toward the course requirements of the program. That is, they do not apply toward the five criteria mentioned in the bulletin and shown in the template.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know which classes will be offered next semester?

Some courses offerings may be cancelled as late as the first week of class (typically due to low enrollment), but most course offerings will be accurately shown on U-Link by clicking on the "Students" tab on the left side, then scrolling down toe "Student Resources" on the right side, then looking under the "Schedule of Classes."

Who is my "advisor"?

In regards to advising for course registration, it is recommended that you talk to your thesis advisor who can recommend courses that will fulfill the degree requirements and support your thesis project. If this is your first semester, you will be advised by the graduate coordinator. The course requirements are mentioned in the graduate bulletin, and an excel sheet to assist you can be found at the top of the page. All thesis advisors are able to remove the advising hold for course registration for their students. If you or your advisor have any questions regarding degree requirements, you are welcome to contact the graduate coordinator.

Where can I find our academic calendar?

You can find UL's academic calendar here, but you may also want to be aware of these Important Dates and Deadlines.

Where should I go for issues regarding computing and e-mail accounts?

UL's IT help desk has lots of important resources for students.

Where can I go for more information on our Ph.D program in Systems Engineering?

Our website for this program can be found here.

Where can I go for more information regarding safety issues at UL?

Mr. Jim Dooley is our safety coordinator for the CHEE department, but UL has its own safety page which hosts the current policies and forms.

How do I dispose of chemicals?

Contact Mr. Jim Dooley to coordinate a pickup.

How do I purchase what I need for my research work?

UL has a number of purchasing mechanisms, and this will decision will be made by your research advisor, but you may familiarize yourself with the purchasing policies and procedures through the purchasing website.

How do I get lab keys?

Ms. Roxie Guidry has the form for requesting a key, which must be signed by your advisor. You will need to take this form to the Physical Plant and leave a small cash deposit to recieve your key. You must return any keys before graduation.