American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2011's Outstanding Department of the Year!

We always knew that we have had the best department, but now we have the official documentation to prove it! Many thanks to all of the students who put in their time during engineering week to make this a great year with a lot of wins for CHEE including best department presentation and appearance, and congrats to Jeff LeBlanc for winning the Technical Paper Competition.


   We would like to congratulate our recently elected officers for 2012-13:

President- Vaughn Hulin
Vice President- Brandon Plaisance
Treasurer- Branden Trahan
Secretary- Courtney Spiece
Fundraising Chair- Brittany Fontenot
Sports Coordinators- Forrest Kidder
Chem-E Car Captain- Forrest Kidder
LES Ambassador- Lauren Meaux

Faculty Advisor: Dr. William Chirdon
Click here for Dr. Chirdon's Home Page

Calling all ChemE's....

   We would like to invite all Chemical Engineering students to join our chapter. Joining our student group is a great way to meet other students as well as to participate in service projects that benefit ourselves, our profession and our university. We participate in a number of projects, especially during Engineering and Technology Week at UL-Lafayette. We also help our members visit local industries and meet local employers to help you build your network to support your career. If you are interested in joining us, contact Dr. Chirdon or just walk up to any of the smiling faces above and introduce yourself.

Chemical Car Competition and Community Outreach

2011 Chem-E Car Team

Sponsored by a ULS Serves grant

and by a generous donation from

We would also like to thank Dr. Garber for his generous sponsorship over the years.

Gibson Applied Technology and Engineering, LLC.

We would also like to thank Dr. Garber for his generous sponsorship over the years.

Our biggest service project is the development and demonstration of our chemical car.

Essentially, there are three stages to this plan:
Design, Demonstration, and Competition

First stage: We need to design and develop a model car that is powered by an alternative fuel.
As you can see, Carlos has already motivated a great group of engineers and planning has begun. Sorry, design details are confidential.

Jeff LeBlanc passed on the reins of the ChemECar Team Captain to Caleb Breaux, who will lead the crew through another great year.
Please contact Caleb Breaux or Dr. Chirdon if you are interested in joining the group.

Second Stage: We are demonstrating this chemical car in local high schools.
We also present our ideas during Engineering and Technology Week. In the picture above, Tim and Jeff are explaining the merits of designing cars that run on alternative fuels to visiting high school students. Next stop will be local high schools where we will show how engineering and technology can be used to address global issues.

Let us know if you would like us to visit your school or student group. We are eager to talk to students about careers in engineering!

Third Stage: Our final goal is to put our car in the AIChE regional competition. In 2010, we competed in the AIChE SW regional student conference. Unfortunately, our car did not perform as well as we would have hoped in the competition. However, we still brought home an award for the best poster presentation.
The picture above shows the hydrogen fuel cell powered car designed and built by the students over 2009-2010 known as the Ragin' Roadster.

Click here to see the Ragin Roadster in action!!!

This past year, we have built Paragon, which was powered by a galvanic cell. We competed in the much larger Southern Conference this year versus an impressive list of competitors, and achieved the 2nd best distance in the competition. Unfortunately, we were disqualified due to a safety violation for a non-hazardous spill. Needless to say, it was a controversial decision. However, this year our Chem-E-Car placed 5th out of 16 in the highly competitive southern AIChE regional conference, which qualifies us to compete in the national competition for the first time this Fall!

Click here to view or download Paragon's promotional video!!!

Click here to view or download the Chem E Car team on the KATC news!!!
(requires VLC Player)

We are now ready start back again at the drawing board to create an even better car for next year.

And for those of you who like BBQ...

Our AIChE chapter enjoys social events as well, such as the engineering banquet and the end-of-year BBQ, which are great opportunities to make friends, relax, and appreciate how far we have come.

Last but not least...

We would like to congratulate the 2012 graduates. You will be missed.

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