Regular Papers

DM214 Multi-task Survival Analysis
Lu Wang, Yan Li, Jiayu Zhou, Dongxiao Zhu, and Jieping Ye
DM234 BiCycle: Item Recommendation with Life Cycles
Xinyue Liu, Yuanfang Song, Charu Aggarwal, Yao Zhang, and Xiangnan Kong
DM236 Tracking Hit-and-run Vehicle with Sparse Video Surveillance Cameras and Mobile Taxicabs
Yang Wang, Wuji Chen, Zheng Wei, Wen Zhang, Huang He, and Hengchang Liu
DM244 Learning From View and Worker Dual Heterogeneity
Yao Zhou and Jingrui He
DM269 Many Heads are Better than One: Local Community Detection by the Multi-Walker Chain
Yuchen Bian, Jingchao Ni, Wei Cheng, and Xiang Zhang
DM274 Benchmark Generator for Dynamic Overlapping Communities in Networks
Neha Sengupta, Michael Hamann, and Dorothea Wagner
DM284 HiMuV: Hierarchical Framework for Modeling Multi-Modality Multi-Resolution Data
Jianbo Li, Jingrui He, and Yada Zhu
DM287 SPTF: A Scalable Probabilistic Tensor Factorization Model for Semantic-Aware Behavior Prediction
Hongzhi Yin, Hongxu Chen, Xiaoshuai Sun, Hao Wang, Yang Wang, and Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen
DM292 Large Scale Kernel Methods for Online AUC Maximization
Yi Ding, Chenghao Liu, Peilin Zhao, and Steven Hoi
DM324 Distributing Frank-Wolfe via Map-Reduce
Armin Moharrer and Stratis Ioannidis
DM326 AWDA: An Adaptive Wishart Discriminant Analysis
Haoyi Xiong, Wei Cheng, Jiang Bian, Wenqing Hu, and Zhishan Guo
DM341 Bayesian Optimization for Weakly Specified Search Space
DM358 AnySCAN: An Efficient Anytime Framework with Active Learning for Large-scale Network Clustering
Weizhong Zhao, Gang Chen, and Xiaowei Xu
DM363 A Self-adaptive Sliding Window based Topic Model for Non-uniform Texts
Jin He, Lei Li, and Xindong Wu
DM364 TensorCast: Forecasting with Context using Coupled Tensors
Miguel Araujo, Pedro Ribeiro, and Christos Faloutsos
DM365 GANG: Detecting Fraudulent Users in Online Social Networks via Guilt-by-Association on Directed Graphs
Binghui Wang, Neil Zhenqiang Gong, and Hao Fu
DM370 Revisiting Spectral Graph Clustering with Generative Community Models
Pin-Yu Chen and Lingfei Wu
DM375 Topological Recurrent Neural Network for Diffusion Prediction
Jia Wang, Vincent W. Zheng, Zemin Liu, and Kevin C.C. Chang
DM387 Local Bayes Risk Minimization Based Stopping Strategy for Hierarchical Classification
Yu Wang, Qinghua Hu, Yucan Zhou, Hong Zhao, Yuhua Qian, and Jiye Liang
DM395 Adaptive Laplace Mechanism: Differential Privacy Preservation in Deep Learning
Hai Phan, Xintao Wu, Han Hu, and Dejing Dou
DM397 Glocalized Weisfeiler-Lehman Graph Kernels: Global-Local Feature Maps of Graphs
Christopher Morris, Kristian Kersting, and Petra Mutzel
DM406 Discovering Truths from Distributed Data
Yaqing Wang, Fenglong Ma, Lu Su, and Jing Gao
DM408 Domain Agnostic Online Semantic Segmentation
shaghayegh gharghabi, Yifei Ding, Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Kaveh Kamgar, Liudmila Ulanova, and Eamonn Keogh
DM409 Generating Medical Hypotheses Based on Evolutionary Medical Concepts
Guangxu Xun, Kishlay Jha, Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan, and Aidong Zhang
DM430 AutoLearn - Automated Feature Generation and Selection
Ambika Kaul, Saket Maheshwary, and Vikram Pudi
DM434 SCED: A General Framework for Sparse Tensor Decompositions with Constraints and Elementwise Dynamic Learning
Shuo Zhou, Sarah Erfani, and James Bailey
DM453 A Deep Transfer Learning Approach for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosis
Debrup Banerjee, Kazi Islam, Gang Mei, Lemin Xiao, Roger Xu, Shuiwang Ji, and Jiang Li
DM458 HistoSketch: Fast Similarity-Preserving Sketching of Streaming Histograms with Concept Drift
Dingqi Yang, Bin Li, Laura Rettig, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
DM468 Improving I/O Complexity of Triangle Enumeration
Yi Cui, Di Xiao, Daren Cline, and Dmitri Loguinov
DM500 Supervised Belief Propagation: Scalable Supervised Inference on Attributed Networks
Jaemin Yoo, Saehan Jo, and U Kang
DM516 Situation Aware Multi-Task Learning for Traffic Prediction
Dingxiong Deng, Cyrus Shahabi, Ugur Demiryurek, and Linhong Zhu
DM518 Collective Entity Resolution in Familial Networks
Pigi Kouki, Jay Pujara, Christopher Marcum, Laura Koehly, and Lise Getoor
DM522 Overlapping Community Detection via Constrained PARAFAC: A Divide and Conquer Approach
Fatemeh Sheikholeslami and Georgios Giannakis
DM523 Discovering Accurate and Simple Business Process Models from Event Logs
Adriano Augusto, Raffaele Conforti, Marlon Dumas, and Marcello La Rosa
DM535 Kernel Conditional Clustering
Xiao He, Thomas Gumbsch, Damian Roqueiro, and Karsten Borgwardt
DM537 Meaningful Multidimensional Motif Discovery
Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Nickolas Kavantzas, and Eamonn Keogh
DM550 A Short-Term Rainfall Prediction Model using Multi-Site Convolutional Neural Networks
Minghui Qiu, Peilin Zhao, Ke Zhang, Xing Shi, Xiaoguang Wang, Jun Huang, and Wei Chu
DM552 Time Series Chains: A New Primitive for Time Series Data Mining
Yan Zhu, Makoto Imamura, Daniel Nikovski, and Eamonn Keogh
DM581 MetaLDA: a Topic Model that Efficiently Incorporates Meta information
He Zhao, Lan Du, Wray Buntine, and Gang Liu
DM585 Exploiting Hierarchical Structures for POI Recommendation
Pengpeng Zhao, Xiefeng Xu, Yanchi Liu, Ziting Zhou, Kai Zheng, Victor S. Sheng, and Hui Xiong
DM587 Collaborative Filtering with Social Local Models
Huan Zhao, Quanming Yao, James Kwok, and Dik Lun Lee
DM598 Unsupervised feature learning with discriminative encoder
Gaurav Pandey and Ambedkar Dukkipati
DM608 Mining Customer Valuations to Optimize Product Bundling Strategy
Ye Li, Hong Xie, Weijie Wu, and John Chi-Shing Lui
DM609 MNE: Emerging Network Embedding with Aligned Autoencoder
Jiawei Zhang, Congying Xia, Chenwei Zhang, Limeng Cui, Yanjie Fu, and Philip S. Yu
DM635 Telling Cause from Effect using MDL-based Local and Global Regression
Alexander Marx and Jilles Vreeken
DM643 Visually-Aware Fashion Recommendation and Design with Generative Image Models
Wang-Cheng Kang, Chen Fang, Zhaowen Wang, and Julian McAuley
DM660 Online and Distributed Robust Regressions under Adversarial Data Corruption
Xuchao Zhang, Liang Zhao, Arnold Boedihardjo, and Chang-Tien Lu
DM687 Scalable and Adaptive Algorithms for the Triangle Interdiction Problem on Billion-Scale Networks
Alan Kuhnle, Victoria Crawford, and My Thai
DM690 Scalable Algorithms for Locally Low-Rank Matrix Modeling
Qilong Gu, Joshua Trzasko, and Arindam Banerjee
DM710 Exploratory Analysis of Graph Data by Leveraging Domain Knowledge
Di Jin and Danai Koutra
DM722 Efficiently Discovering Locally Exceptional yet Globally Representative Subgroups
Janis Kalofolias, Mario Boley, and Jilles Vreeken
DM740 Spatio-Temporal Neural Networks for Space-Time Series Forecasting and Relations Discovery
Ali Ziat, Edouard Delasalles, Ludovic Denoyer, and Patrick Gallinari
DM773 An Analysis of Boosted Linear Classifiers on Noisy Data with Applications to Multiple-Instance Learning
Rui Liu and Soumya Ray
DM789 STExNMF: Spatio-Temporally Exclusive Topic Discovery for Anomalous Event Detection
Sungbok Shin, Minsuk Choi, Jinho Choi, Scott Langevin, Christopher Bethune, Philippe Horne, Nathan Kronenfeld, Ramakrishnan Kannan, Barry Drake, Haesun Park, and Jaegul Choo
DM796 Online learning of acyclic conditional preference networks from noisy data
Fabien Labernia, Bruno Zanuttini, Brice Mayag, Florian Yger, and Jamal Atif
DM798 GoGP: Fast Online Regression with Gaussian Processes
Trung Le, Khanh Nguyen, Vu Nguyen, Tu Nguyen, and Dinh Phung
DM800 Scalable Hashing-Based Network Discovery
Tara Safavi, Chandra Sripada, and Danai Koutra
DM810 A Generic Framework for Interesting Subspace Cluster Detection in Multi-attributed Networks
Feng Chen, Baojian Zhou, Adil Alim, and Liang Zhao
DM830 Linear Time Complexity Time Series Classification with Bag-of-Pattern-Features
Xiaosheng Li and Jessica Lin
DM857 Data Driven Immunization
Yao Zhang, Arvind Ramanathan, Anil Vullikanti, Laura Pullum, and B. Aditya Prakash
DM876 Knowledge Guided Short-Text Classification For Healthcare Applications
Shilei Cao, Buyue Qian, Changchang Yin, Xiaoyu Li, Qinghua Zheng, and Ian Davidson
DM879 Data-Driven Utilization-Aware Trip Advisor for Bike-sharing Systems
Hu Ji, Zidong Yang, Yuanchao Shu, Peng Cheng, and Jiming Chen
DM887 Learning doubly stochastic affinity matrix via Davis-Kahan theorem
Jiwoong Park and Taejeong Kim
DM892 Relational Mixture of Experts: Explainable Demographics Prediction with Behavioral Data
Masafumi Oyamada and Shinji Nakadai
DM915 Importance Sketching of Influence Dynamics in Billion-scale Networks
Hung Nguyen, Tri Nguyen, Hai Phan, and Thang Dinh
DM923 A Probabilistic Approach for Learning with Label Proportions Applied to the US Presidential Election
TAO SUN, Daniel Sheldon, and Brendan O'Connor
DM924 Edge-Based Wedge Sampling to Estimate Triangle Counts in Very Large Graphs
Duru Turkoglu and Ata Turk
DM929 Accurate Detection of Automatically Spun Content via Stylometric Analysis
Usman Shahid, Shehroze Farooqi, Raza Ahmad, Zubair Shafiq, Padmini Srinivasan, and Fareed Zaffar
DM948 Efficient Discovering Time Series Motifs with Large Length Range in Million Scale Time Series
Yifeng Gao and Jessica Lin
DM959 Multi-task Multi-modal Models for Collective Anomaly Detection
Tsuyoshi Ide, Dzung Phan, and Jayant Kalagnanam
DM981 A Hyperplane-based Algorithm for Semi-supervised Dimension Reduction
Huang Fang, Minhao Cheng, and Cho-Jui Hsieh
DM1003 Deep Similarity-Based Batch Mode Active Learning with Exploration-Exploitation
Changchang Yin, Buyue Qian, Shilei Cao, Xiaoyu Li, Qinghua Zheng, and Ian Davidson

Short Papers

DM215 Learning with Inadequate and Incorrect Supervision
Chen Gong, Hengmin Zhang, Jian Yang, and Dacheng Tao
DM216 Efficient and Invariant Convolutional Neural Networks for Dense Prediction
Hongyang Gao and Shuiwang Ji
DM222 Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Networks for Time-Varying Dense Prediction
Tao Zeng, Bian Wu, Jiayu Zhou, Ian Davidson, and Shuiwang Ji
DM224 WRS: Waiting Room Sampling for Accurate Triangle Counting in Real Graph Streams
Kijung Shin
DM237 HitFraud: An Efficient Approach for Collective Fraud Detection in Heterogeneous Information Networks
Bokai Cao, Mia Mao, Siim Viidu, and Philip S. Yu
DM245 Sub-Gibbs Sampling: a New Strategy for Inferring LDA
Chuan Hu, Huiping Cao, and Qixu Gong
DM258 Fast Compressive Spectral Clustering
Ting Li, Yiming Zhang, miaomiao Li, Xinwang Liu, and Dongsheng Li
DM261 Classification of Acoustic Events using Masked Conditional Neural Networks
Fady Medhat, David Chesmore, and John Robinson
DM275 Clustering by Shift
Morteza Haghir Chehreghani
DM277 Automated Medical Diagnosis by Ranking Clusters Across the Symptom-Disease Network
Jingchao Ni, Hongliang Fei, Wei Fan, and Xiang Zhang
DM278 Ranking Causal Anomalies by Modeling Local Propagations on Networked Systems
Jingchao Ni, Wei Cheng, Kai Zhang, Dongjin Song, Tan Yan, Haifeng Chen, and Xiang Zhang
DM285 Domain Specific Feature Transfer for Hybrid Domain Adaptation
PENGFEI WEI, Yiping Ke, and ChiKeong Goh
DM295 Market Basket Prediction using User-Centric Temporal Annotated Recurring Sequences
Riccardo Guidotti, Giulio Rossetti, Luca Pappalardo, Fosca Giannotti, and Dino Pedreschi
DM308 iNEAT: Incomplete Network Alignment
Si Zhang, Hanghang Tong, Jie Tang, Jiejun Xu, and Wei Fan
DM314 Generating synthetic time series to augment sparse datasets
Germain Forestier, Francois Petitjean, Hoang Anh Dau, Geoffrey Webb, and Eamonn Keogh
DM316 Recover Fine-Grained Spatial Data from Coarse Aggregation
Bang Liu, Borislav Mavrin, Linglong Kong, and Di Niu
DM325 Scalable Constrained Spectral Clustering via The Randomized Projected Power Method
Weifeng Zhu and Ian Davidson
DM345 Balanced Distribution Adaptation for Transfer Learning
Jindong Wang, Yiqiang Chen, Shuji Hao, and Wenjie Feng
DM353 Hierarchical Multinomial-Dirichlet model for the estimation of conditional probability tables
Laura Azzimonti, Giorgio Corani, and Marco Zaffalon
DM361 Robust Estimation of Gaussian Copula Causal Structure from Mixed Data with Missing Values
Ruifei Cui, Perry Groot, and Tom Heskes
DM368 OEC: Open-Ended Classification for Future-Proof Link-Fraud Detection
Neil Shah, Hemank Lamba, Alex Beutel, and Christos Faloutsos
DM383 Dynamic Propagation Rates: New Dimension to Viral Marketing in Online Social Networks
Tianyi Pan, Alan Kuhnle, Xiang Li, and My Thai
DM384 Multi-level Feedback Web Links Selection Problem: Learning and Optimization
Kechao Cai, Kun Chen, Longbo Huang, and John Chi-Shing Lui
DM418 Collaborative Inference of Coexisting Information Diffusions
Yanchao Sun, Cong Qian, Ning Yang, and Philip S. Yu
DM424 BEEP: a Bayesian perspective Early stage Event Prediction model for online social networks
Xiao Ma, Xiaofeng Gao, and Guihai Chen
DM425 Synchronization-inspired Co-clustering and Its Application to Gene Expression Data
Junming Shao, Chongming Gao, Wei Zeng, Jingkuan Song, and Qinli Yang
DM433 Data Prefetching for Large Tiered Storage Systems
Giovanni Cherubini, Yusik Kim, Mark Lantz, and Vinodh Venkatesan
DM449 Boosting Deep Learning Risk Prediction with Generative Adversarial Networks for Electronic Health Records
Zhengping Che, Yu Cheng, Shuangfei Zhai, Zhaonan Sun, and Yan Liu
DM467 Effective Large-Scale Online Influence Maximization
Paul Lagrée, Olivier Cappé, Bogdan Cautis, and Silviu Maniu
DM480 Learning to Fuse Music Genres with Generative Adversarial Dual Learning
Zhiqian Chen, Chih-Wei Wu, Yen-Cheng Lu, and Chang-Tien Lu
DM509 Audio-Visual Sentiment Analysis for Learning Emotional Arcs in Movies
Eric Chu and Deb Roy
DM510 Autoregressive Tensor Factorization for Spatio-temporal Predictions
Koh Takeuchi, Hisashi Kashima, and Naonori Ueda
DM534 Multi-Party Sparse Discriminant Learning
Jiang Bian, Haoyi Xiong, Wei Cheng, Yanjie Fu, Wenqing Hu, and Zhishan Guo
DM547 Time-aware Latent Hierarchical Model for Predicting House Prices
Fei Tan, Chaoran Cheng, and Zhi Wei
DM565 DPiSAX: Massively Distributed Partitioned iSAX
Djamel Edine Yagoubi, Reza Akbarinia, Florent Masseglia, and Themis Palpanas
DM588 Exploring Common and Distinct Structural Connectivity Patterns Between Schizophrenia and Major Depression via Cluster-driven Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Junming Shao, Zhongjing Yu, Peiyan Li, Wei Han, Christian Sorg, and Qinli Yang
DM592 Tensor based Relations Ranking and Collective Classification for Multi-relational Data
Chao Han, Qingyao Wu, Jiezhang Cao, Michael K. Ng, Mingkui Tan, and Jian Chen
DM601 A Probabilistic Geographical Aspect-Opinion Model for Geo-tagged Microblogs
Aman Ahuja, Wei Wei, Chandan Reddy, Wei Lu, and Kathleen M. Carley
DM610 Spectral Lens: Explainable Diagnostics, Tools and Discoveries in Directed, Weighted Graphs
Sebastian Goebl, Srijan Kumar, and Christos Faloutsos
DM622 Multi-view Graph Embedding with Hub Detection for Brain Network Analysis
Guixiang Ma, Chun-Ta Lu, Lifang He, Philip S. Yu, and Ann Ragin
DM623 Aspect Sentiment Model for Micro Reviews
Reinald Kim Amplayo and Seung-won Hwang
DM626 Context-Aware Mobile Application Recommendation via Tensor Analysis
Tingting Liang, Lifang He, Chun-Ta Lu, Liang Chen, Philip S. Yu, and Jian Wu
DM627 Causal Inference on Discrete Data by Stochastic Complexity
Kailash Budhathoki and Jilles Vreeken
DM630 Risk Control of Best Arm Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits via Successive Rejects
Xiaotian Yu, Irwin King, and Michael Lyu
DM632 GaDei: On Scale-up Training As A Service For Deep Learning
Wei Zhang, Minwei Feng, Yunhui Zheng, Yufei Ren, Yandong Wang, Ji Liu, Peng Liu, Bing Xiang, Li Zhang, Bowen Zhou, and Fei Wang
DM653 Learning Nonlinear Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks
Bhushan Kulkarni, Sumit Agarwal, Abir De, Sourangshu Bhattacharya, and Niloy Ganguly
DM659 Crowdsourced correlation clustering with relative distance comparisons
Antti Ukkonen
DM664 An Automatic Approach for Transit Advertising in Public Transportation Systems
Chen Zhang, Hao Wang, and Hui Xiong
DM667 Identifying Media Bias by Analyzing Reported Speech
Konstantina Lazaridou, Ralf Krestel, and Felix Naumann
DM671 Multi-Level Multi-Task Learning for Modeling Cross-Scale Interactions in Nested Geospatial Data
Shuai Yuan, Jiayu Zhou, Pang-Ning Tan, Emi Fergus, Tyler Wagner, and Patricia Soranno
DM674 Novel Exact and Approximate Algorithms for the Closest Pair Problem
Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Subrata Saha, and Xingyu Cai
DM678 High-Dimensional Dependency Structure Learning for Physical Processes
Jamal Golmohammadi, Imme Ebert-Uphoff, Sijie He, Yi Deng, and Arindam Banerjee
DM680 A Practically Competitive and Provably Consistent Algorithm for Uplift Modeling
Yan Zhao, Xiao Fang, and David Simchi-Levi
DM681 Kernel-Based Feature Extraction For Collaborative Filtering
Saket Sathe, Charu Aggarwal, Xiangnan Kong, and Xinyue Liu
DM682 The Macro Brier Score for Probability Calibration under Class Imbalance: Properties and Interpretation
Guillem Collell
DM686 Efficient Computation of Pairwise Minimax Distance Measures
Morteza Haghir Chehreghani
DM691 Efficient Mining of Subsample-Stable Graph Patterns
Aleksey Buzmakov, Sergei O. Kuznetsov, and Amedeo Napoli
DM699 Reductions for Frequency-Based Data Mining Problems
Stefan Neumann and Pauli Miettinen
DM714 Analyzing Multimedia Temporal and Emotional Content for Effective Advertisements
Nikhita Vedula, Wei Sun, Hyunhwan Lee, Harsh Gupta, Mitsunori Ogihara, Joseph Johnson, Gang Ren, and Srinivasan Parthasarathy
DM769 Efficient Computation of Multiple Density-Based Clustering Hierarchies
Antonio Cavalcante Araujo Neto, Joerg Sander, Ricardo J. G. B. Campello, and Mario A. Nascimento
DM776 An Influence-Receptivity Model for Topic based Information Cascades
Ming Yu, Mladen Kolar, and Varun Gupta
DM777 Reputation-based Ranking Systems and their Resistance to Bribery
Joao Saude, Guilherme Ramos, Carlos Caleiro, and Soummya Kar
DM779 Mining the Demographics of Political Sentiment from Twitter Using Learning from Label Proportions
Ehsan Mohammady Ardehaly and Aron Culotta
DM781 Contextual Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
Soujanya Poria and Devamanyu Hazarika
DM788 Privacy-Preserving Generative Neural Networks
Gergely Acs, Luca Melis, and Emiliano De Cristofaro
DM790 Warehouse Site Selection for Online Retailers in Inter-connected Warehouse Networks
Can Chen, Junming Liu, Qiao Li, Yijun Wang, Hui Xiong, and Shanshan Wu
DM794 A Self-Paced Category-Aware Approach For Unsupervised Adaptation Networks
Wenzhen Huang, Peipei Yang, and Kaiqi Huang
DM803 Local Community Detection in Dynamic Networks
Daniel DiTursi, Gaurav Ghosh, and Petko Bogdanov
DM815 Domain Adaptation for Online ECG Monitoring
Diego Carrera, Beatrice Rossi, Pasqualina Fragneto, and Giacomo Boracchi
DM816 Learning Multiple Similarities of Users and Items in Recommender Systems
Huiyuan Chen and Jing Li
DM821 Theoretically and Empirically High Quality Estimation of Closeness Centrality
Shogo Murai
DM842 Finding Streams in Knowledge Graphs to Support Fact Checking
Prashant Shiralkar, Alessandro Flammini, Filippo Menczer, and Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia
DM843 Informing the use of Hyper-Parameter Optimization Through Meta-Learning
Samantha Sanders and Christophe Giraud-Carrier
DM856 LCD: A Fast Contrastive Divergence Based Algorithm for Restricted Boltzmann Machine
Lin Ning, Randall Pittman, and Xipeng Shen
DM863 New Class Adaptation via Instance Generation in One-Pass Class Incremental Learning
Yue Zhu, Kai Ming Ting, and Zhi-Hua Zhou
DM866 Epidemic Forecasting by Combining Agent-Based Models and Smart Beam-Particle Filtering Framework
Farzaneh Sadat Tabataba, Milad Hosseinipour, Bryan Lewis, Foroogh Sadat Tabataba, Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Dave Higdon, Jiangzhuo Chen, and Madhav Marathe
DM890 Incorporating Spatio-Temporal Smoothness for Air Quality Inference
Xiangyu Zhao, Tong Xu, Yanjie Fu, Enhong Chen, and Hao Guo
DM894 Wave2Vec: Learning Deep Representations for Biosignals
Ye Yuan, Guangxu Xun, Qiuling Suo, Kebin Jia, and Aidong Zhang
DM914 Online Nearest Neighbor Search in Binary Space
Sepehr Eghbali, Hassan Ashtiani, and Ladan Tahvildari
DM947 Network Clocks: Detecting the Temporal Scale of Information Diffusion
Daniel DiTursi, Gregory Katsios, and Petko Bogdanov
DM956 Statistical Link Label Modeling for Sign Prediction: Smoothing Sparsity by Joining Local and Global Information
Amin Javari, HongXiang Qiu, Elham Barzegaran, Mahdi Jalili, and Kevin C.C. Chang
DM983 CRAD: Clustering with Robust Autocuts & Depth
Xin Huang and Yulia R. Gel
DM994 Behind Distribution Shift: Mining Driving Forces of Changes and Causal Arrows
Biwei Huang, Kun Zhang, Jiji Zhang, Bernhard Schölkopf, and Clark Glymour