Biology Department Instrumentation


The Department of Biology at UL Lafayette uses a panel of instruments for both research and teaching. The main goals of this website are to:

  • Identify sharable instruments among scientists in the department
  • Ease the sharing of these instruments using a booking calendar
  • Communicate issues with instruments and maintenance/repair dates
  • Inform graduate students of upcoming training
  • Record equipment usage for management and maintenance purposes
  • Facilitate equipment surplusing process


  • Wharton 404: new equipment and equipment relocation
    Bioanalyzer: Quantification of nucleic acids.
    The ABI 3130xl (from BLD140) and the Speedvac (from VLW515) have been moved to Wharton 404.

  • New autoclave in Billeaud 249

  • Surplus procedure
    A new page has been added to this Biology Department Instrumentation website for surplus procedure. If you need to surplus an item, please follow the steps listed on that page.

  • New compound microscopes in teaching rooms
    120 new compound microscopes are now available in teaching rooms (STEP grant Krayeski and Schmidt). The first 60 microscopes (up to 40X) are located in Billeaud Hall rooms 113, 115, 123, 124, and the undergraduate research lab (106C). The second 60 microscopes have an extra 100X objective and are located in Billeaud Hall 122, 239, 106C, and Wharton Hall 406, 409, 411, and 416.

  • New equipment in Wharton 416
    A laminar flow hood, shaker incubator, incubator, benchtop centrifuge (50ml), vortex, and a mini-centrifuge have now been installed in this classroom (STEP grant: Wang and Plouviez)

  • Last flow cytometer monthly maintenance: February 8th

Upcoming events

  • Wetlab
    A new webpage will soon be added to this website regarding the wetlab facility and usage.
  • New instrument coming-up in Wharton 404 for Next Generation Sequencing:
    Blue Pippin: DNA Size Selection for Next-Gen Sequencing. Order in progress.