Travels with Rendell


Welcome to my "vanity page". I talk about myself a great deal here. I started this page merely as an excuse to foist my horrible photographic skills on an unsuspecting world. Consider yourself "warned" should you be unwise enough to proceed.

I hope some enjoyment can be gleaned from this mess.


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Dixie Diversions - Summer 2004
Waterfalls of Louisiana
Central Florida 2001

My Top Ten Wooden Coasters

  1. Voyage [Holiday World, Indiana]
  2. El Toro [Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey]
  3. Hades [Mount Olympus, Wisconsin]
  4. Ravine Flyer II [Waldameer Park, Pennsylvania]
  5. Shivering Timbers [Michigan Adventures]
  6. Dauling Dragons [Wuhan, China]
  7. Tonnerre de Zeus [Parc Asterix, Paris, France]
  8. Chinese Fireball [Shanghai, China]
  9. Cu Chulainn [Tayto Park, Ireland]
  10. Coaster [Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada]

My Top Ten Steel Coasters
  1. Superman : Ride of Steel [Six Flags New England, Massachusetts]
  2. Expedition GeForce [Holiday Park, Germany]
  3. Nitro [Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey]
  4. Intimidator [Carowinds, North Carolina]
  5. Black Mamba [Phantasialand, Germany]
  6. Goliath [LaRonde, Montreal, Canada]
  7. Great White [Sea World of Texas]
  8. Dueling Dragons - Fire [Universal's Islands of Adventure, Florida]
  9. *X2* [Six Flags Magic Mountain, California]
  10. EuroMir [Europa Park, Germany]

    Honorable Mentions

  11. Afterburn [Carowinds, NC/SC]
  12. Greezed Lightnin' [for sale at Joyland, Lubbock, Texas]
  13. Outer Limits : Flight of Fear [Paramount's King Dominion, Virginia]
  14. Superman : Ride of Steel [Six Flags America, Maryland]

Ok. I cheated. There more than ten coasters in my Top Ten list. But I have so many coasters that I want to "award" by making sure to mention their names. These coasters are coasters to seek out. They are very good. I especially try to put coasters on my list that I think are unfairly overlooked. Nobody talks about Outer Limits or Afterburn -- even in places where coaster-fans talk about their favorite rides.

Highlight of 2006 : My "Midwestern Misadventures" Trip with Alex and Michael - including seeing the King Tut exhibit with Nola and Kelly while in Chicago.

Click here to see my Picasa Webalbum of photos from the trip. Unfortunately, there are practically no photos from the ANY of the wonderful museums we visited in Chicago. Still, the museums in Chicago are world-famous for a reason. If you are ever in the area - you must visit at least one of them :

Lowlights of 2006 : "A Tie" : The bulldozing of Astroworld; and the dismantling of Six Flags New Orleans