PERMAP 11.8a

PERMAP has been decommissioned.

Win 7 does not contain the support libraries that previous Windows operating systems contained and thus "breaks" PERMAP. After much complaining from Visual Studio programmers MS promised to support all programs written using its Visual Studio suite running under Win XP, but they didn't say they would make it easy. Indeed, they did not. To make PERMAP run under Win 7 you have to download two OCX files and register them with the Win 7 operating system. This is not a reasonable requirement for someone that is just trying out a new program.

If you have an old copy of PERMAP and just must run it under Win 7 then contact Ron and he will tell you how to get and register the missing OCX files.

PERMAP had a fairly long life for a computer program. It was used by many students, educators and researchers, many of whom contributed a significant amount of time and effort helping to improve it. Thanks all of you that helped out during the last approximately 20 years.


Ron Heady


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