Restaurants & Supermarket

There are many restaurants within a short walk of the conference hotel or the lecture hall. At the conference hotel, a microwave and a refrigerator is available on request, though in limited quantities (a common microwave is available for everyone staying at the hotel). Also, Champagne's Market is a nearby supermarket (at most a 10-minute walk away; in their Deli, they have plate lunches and a few breakfast items; more info is available here). Below is a list of restaurants that are close to the conference hotel and the lecture hall. Many of them can be reached within 10-15 minutes by walking and all of them can be reached (on foot) in 25 minutes or less.

(Note: below, "10m" means that it takes at most 10 minutes to walk to the restaurant from the lecture hall.)
  1. Abacus Banquets and Receptions (23): 10m, Cajun lunch buffet, more info is here.
  2. Acme Taco: 10m, self-described as ``Mexican with a twist".
  3. Antoni's Italian Cafe (6) : 10m, medium priced, highly recommended, nice atmosphere, has coffee, more info is here.
  4. Bisbano's Pizza Parlor (1): 10m, medium priced, have TVs to watch and a bar downstairs, has coffee, more info is here.
  5. Blue Dog Cafe (17): basically next to conference hotel, a popular local restaurant, features the art of George Rodrigue (which explains the restaurant's name), more info is here.
  6. Bon Temps Grill Express (22): 7m, Cajun lunch. A menu is here.
  7. Cafe Bella (21): 5 m, expensive Italian.
  8. Cafe Lola (13): 10m, for any budget, excellent sandwiches; note: open only M-F, 10:30-2; their menu is here.
  9. Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant (3): 25m, medium-priced; has TVs usually showing sports and the walk there is a nice distraction passing over a river.
  10. CT Grill & Seafood (11): 15m, reasonably priced.
  11. Hub City Diner (16): 15m, reasonably priced, more info is here.
  12. Jolie's Louisiana Bistro (9): 15m, expensive but delicious, excellent atmosphere.
  13. McDonald's (19): 10m; a good way to get inexpensive coffee.
  14. Papa John's (20): 12m; a good place for reasonably-priced pizza, even without cheese.
  15. Picadilly (4): 10m, reasonably priced; a good place for getting a well-balanced meal centered around Cajun dishes, cafeteria-style, great for groups of 4, 6 or 8.
  16. Roly Poly (7): 10m, reasonably priced, offers a wide variety of sandwiches.
  17. Ruth's Chris Steak House (10): 15m, more info is here.
  18. Sonic (8): 15m, inexpensive.
  19. Subway (15): 10m, for all budgets, right next to Champagne's Market, has coffee in the morning.
  20. Subway on St. Mary's (2): less than 10m, inexpensive, has a variety of sandwiches.
  21. Taco Bell (21): 10m, inexpensive.
  22. Tropical Smoothie Cafe (14): 10m, for any budget, has much more (breakfast all day long, lunch, dinner) than what's indicated by their name, has coffee for breakfast, more info is here.
  23. Whole Wheatery Eatery: 10m.
  24. Zeus Cafe, Greek and Lebanese Cafe (18): 15m, medium-priced, more info is here.

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