To register, please follow the procedure below. We started making funding decisions on March 1, 2015, and have now used up all the funding. Nonetheless, everyone is welcome to the conference. If you wish to come, please register to assist us in the logistics.

To register, please email to (or to any of the organizers or the principal lecturer) the following information:
  1. Your full name.
  2. Your research interests.
  3. Your organization.
  4. Your position in the organization.
  5. Your email address.
  6. Your mailing address
  7. Will you be going to the banquet? If so, how many people are accompanying you?
  8. Do you wish to apply for funding? If so, how much? (Note that junior people and faculty without other sources of funding will be given priority.) UPDATE: We have now essentially used up all funding.
  9. Do you wish to give a talk? If so, please submit a title and abstract, or just say ``yes" and indicate that you will submit them at a later date. UPDATE: At this time, all speaking slots have been filled up. However, if you indicate that you are interested in speaking, then we may be able to offer you a spot if a speaking slot opens up, and you are first in line.
Note: If we have offered you funding support for your travel, NSF regulations require that plane tickets be purchased from U.S. air carriers. Also, the appropriate visa is required for processing the reimbursement. (Except for US or Canadian citizens, the usual visas are B--1, WB, J--1, F--1 or H1-B.) Please email us if you have any questions.

Please send any questions to or any of the organizers.


Pere Ara (Barcelona)
Matias Lolk Anderson (Copenhagen)
Alex Bearden (Houston)
Rasmus Bentmann (Goettingen)
Gary Birkenmeier (Lafayette)
Berndt Brenken (Calgary)
Mike Boyle (Maryland)
Jonathan Brown (Dayton)
Cristobal Gil Canto (U. of Malaga, Spain)
Toke Meier Carlsen (Trondheim)
Sarah Chehade (Houston)
Pradeep Chhetri (Lafayette)
Lisa Orloff Clark (Otago)
Daniel G. Davis (Lafayette)
Menassie Efrem (Coastal Caroline)
Soeren Eilers (Copenhagen)
Richard Foote (Lafayette)
Hewa Fonsekage Dilini Fonseka (Sam Houston)
James Gabe (Copenhagen)
Brett Geiger (Houston)
Magdalena Georgescu (Toronto)
Daniel Goncalves (UFSC, Brazil)
Mozahid Haque (Houston)
Damon Hay (Sam Houston)
Blaise Heider (Lafayette)
Ehsaan Hossain (Waterloo)
Istiaq Hossain (Lafayette)
Danrun Huang (St. Cloud)
Jeffry Im (Toronto)
Rune Johansen (Copenhagen)
Takeshi Katsura (Keio)
Scott Lalonde (UT Tyler)
Sanduni Leelaratne (Sam Houston)
Allison Leigon (Houston)
James Lutley (Toronto)
Ralf Meyer (Goettingen)
Patrick Messina (Houston)
David Milan (UT Tyler)
Martin W. Montgomery (Bates College)
Soumyashant Nayak (U. Penn)
Ping Wong Ng (Lafayette)
Eduardo Ortega (Trondheim)
Enrique Pardo (U. of Cadiz, Spain)
Kulumani Rangaswamy (Colorado Springs)
Peter Rasmussen (Copenhagen)
Sarah Reznikoff (Kansas State U.)
Leonel Robert (Lafayette)
Tracy Robin (Lafayette)
Supun T. Samarakoon (Sam Houston)
Adam Soerensen (Oslo)
Charles Starling (Ottawa)
Subhash Subedi (Lafayette)
Nishant Suri (Houston)
Mark Tomforde (Houston)
Lia Vas (U. of Sciences)
Zhenhua Wang (Houston)
Da Zheng (Houston)

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