SPRING 2017: ENGR 630: An Introduction to Cyber-physical systems

    Instructor: Dr. Raju Gottumukkala (raju@louisiana.edu)

    Office: Rougeous Hall #223 / Abdalla Hall #110

    Semester: Spring 2016

    Time: Wednesday 5:30 pm to 8:20 pm

    Description: Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) are engineered systems whose operations are monitored, coordinated, controlled, and integrated by a computing and communication core embedded in all types of objects and structures in the physical environment. CPS or so called “smart systems” will bring many changes in personalized health care, emergency response, traffic flow management, and electric power generation and delivery. The complexity in modeling the interconnectedness of several autonomous and heterogeneous combination of physical (or continuous dynamics) and the cyber components makes the analysis and design a challenging task. The tight integration of computing, control and communication that have enormous potential to provide far-reaching benefits in addressing some of the toughest problems we face as a society – in terms of minimizing traffic congestion, improving energy efficiency of buildings, and developing autonomous robotic systems.

    This course introduces students to the principles of CPS with examples in engineering and science, models of physical systems, simulation of physical systems and introduction to models of cyber components, continuous and discrete timed systems. Students who will successfully complete this course, will understand the core elements of cyber-physical systems, how the core concepts are integrated in the cyber physical domain, and an in depth understanding of the fundamental and practical challenges that arise in the design and analysis of cyber physical systems. The students will also learn about modeling and simulation tools that will help them create innovative cyber physical systems. Specific application case studies will be discussed that includes smart buildings, smart transportation, and medical devices.

    FALL 2016: ENGR 310: Engineering Analysis