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Elected Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales, April 2014.

Etholwyd yn Gymrawd Cymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru, Ebrill 2014.

I have accepted the position of Professor of Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics at Linköping University, Sweden, starting in June 2014. Information about new contact details can be found on Contact page.

Workshop for those working on new versions of LARSP took place in March 2014. For more details go to Languages of LARSP page via Research Projects button at left.

Handbook of Qualitative Research in Communication Disorders (edited by Martin J. Ball, Nicole Müller & Ryan Nelson) published by Psychology Press, 2014. Details here.

The Handbook of Vowels and Vowel Disorders (edited by Martin J. Ball & Fiona Gibbon), now published by Psychology Press. Details here.

Research Methods in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics: A Practical Guide (edited by Nicole Müller & Martin J. Ball), now published by Wiley-Blackwell. Details here.

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