CVDI-01-Y5NSF I/UCRC, CVDI$56,362Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Graphs with Enhanced Sampling and SummarizationPI-shared2016-2017
CVDI-02-Y1NSF I/UCRC, CVDI$74,100 +
Comparative Knowledge Discovery: Analyzing, Understanding and Visualizing RankingscoPI2016-2017
CVDI-01-Y4NSF I/UCRC, CVDI$78,556Graph Sampling Summarization and Touch-Based Visual Analytics for Large Complex SystemsPI-shared2015-2016
LEQSF-ENH-TR-31Louisiana BoRs, ENH$80,679Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Big Data for Research and EducationcoPI2015-2016
Total$289,697 + €115,000