Ph.D. Students
1.     Scott M. Jordan
Thesis Title:  Interval Estimation and Hypothesis testing of the Common Mean of Several Normal Populations. 
Ph.D., Summer 1994.  [Associate Professor, Arkansas Tech University]
2.      Darren Johnson
Thesis Title:  Combining Independent Studies in a Calibration Problem.
Ph.D., Summer 1995. [Research Scientist,  National Wetlands Research Center, USGS,Lafayette, LA]
3.      Maruthy Pannala
Thesis title:  Testing and Confidence Estimation of Normal Mean Vector based on Incomplete Data.
Ph.D.,  Fall 1996.  [Director,  Statistical Research, Actuarial Dept, United Guarantee Corporation, Greensboro, NC]
4.      Brett Moore
Thesis Title:  On Combining Studies in Linear models: Regression and Calibration.
Ph.D.,  Spring 1997. [US Census Bureau, Washington, DC]
5.      Jian Hao
Thesis Title:  Inferences for the Normal Covariance Matrix with Incomplete Data.
Ph.D., Spring 1999.  [Research Associate, Computer Science, University of Houston, Houston, TX]
6.      Denise Benton
Thesis Title:  Inference on Univariate-Multivariate Calibration.
Ph.D., Spring 2000.  [Adjunct Asst. Professor, School of Business, UL Lafayette, Lafayette, LA]
7.      Jessica Thomson
Thesis Title:  Inferential Procedures for Some Discrete Distributions.
[Research Epidemiologist at USDA-ARS, Opelousas, LA]
8.      Yong Lu
Thesis Title:  Inference on the Common Mean: The Correlated and Uncorrelated Cases.
Ph.D., Fall 2003. [Senior Research Scientist, Javelin Direct Inc., Dallas, TX]
9.      Huizhen Guo
Thesis Title:  Inference on Quantiles of Some Parametric Models.
Ph.D.,  Spring 2004.  [Asst. Professor, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio]
10.  Yong Cai
Thesis Title:  Small Sample Inference for Some Discrete Distributions.
Ph.D., Fall 2004.  [Statistician I, IMS health, Blue Bell, PA]
11.  Jianqi Yu
Thesis Title:  Inference on the Difference Between Two Normal Mean Vectors: Complete and Incomplete Data Cases.
Ph.D., Spring 2005. [Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China]
12.  Yanping Xia
        Thesis Title: Inferences on Simple, Multiple and Dependent Correlation Coefficients. Ph.D., Spring 2007.
                  [Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO]
13.  Sumona Mondal
Thesis Title: Constructions of Tolerance Regions for Some Multivariate Linear Models. Ph.D., Spring 2007.
[Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY]
14.  Shubhabrata Mukherjee
Thesis Title: Tolerance Limits and Stress-Strength Reliability for Some Continuous Models. Ph.D., Spring 2007.
[Research Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle.]
15.  Fei Lu
              Thesis Title: ANOVA and MANOVA under Heteroscedasticity. Ph.D., Spring 2007.
[Product Manager, Essilor of America, Dallas, TX]
16.  Jie Peng
              Thesis Title: Sample Size Calculation and Tests for Binomial and Poisson Distributions. Ph.D., Fall 2008.
              [Associate Professor, St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa]
17.  Yin Lin
              Thesis Title: Generalized Inference for Weibull Distributions.  Ph.D., Spring 2010.
[Lecturer, University of Texas, El Paso, TX]
18.  Avishek Mallick
                    Thesis Title: Inference Based on Censored Samples. Ph.D., Spring 2010.
                      [Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Huntington, WV]
19.  Meesook Lee
                    Thesis Title: Fiducial Inference for Some Discrete Distributions.  Ph.D., Spring 2010.
[Assistant Professor, South Louisiana Community College, Lafayette, LA]
20.  Xiaodong Lian
                    Thesis Title: Tolerance Intervals for Some Linear Models.  Ph.D., Summer 2011.
                    [Statistician, Health Advocate, Los Angeles]
21.  Fang Xie
                    Thesis Title: Tolerance Intervals for Some Discrete and Continuous Distributions.  Ph.D., Summer 2012.
22.  Zhao Xu
                    Thesis Title: Inference for Lognormal Distributions based on Data with Multiple Detection Limits.  Ph.D., Summer 2012.
                    [Software developer, Statacorp LP, College Station,  TX]
23.  Dan Zhang
                    Thesis Title: Tests and Interval Estimation Methods for Some Discrete Distributions.  Ph.D., Fall 2013.
                    [Statistician, L2C, Inc.,  Atlanta, GA]
24.  Xiao Wang
                    Thesis Title: Inference on Gamma Distribution: Censored and Uncensored Cases.  Ph.D., Fall 2017.