Handbook of Statistical Distributions with Applications

2nd Edition

Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton.

ISBN-10:  1498741495   ISBN: 978-1498741491

Publication Date: 10/23/2015


Praise for the First Edition


"Quite simply, this book is a masterwork. It is an essential resource for anyone who models data, or creates applications which require reference to, or make use of, statistical distribution functions or random variable sampling/generation. The accompanying PC program is a true application in its own right, neat, tidy, and very, very useful. To have this and the book represents a unique reference work. The book is easily understandable by undergraduate as well as graduate scientists and statisticians, and will be an essential part of the toolkit for professionals working in the quantitative sciences, both applied and theoretical. I think this is a remarkable achievement for the author who so obviously has taken great care over many years to assemble and perfect the software and reference work. This is a book worthy of a prize."
Paul Barrett, University of Auckland, New Zealand


…it seems indeed that the book has a chance of becoming a highly valued practitioner’s reference … .
     — Journal of the Royal Statistical Society

I recommend the StatCalc software as a useful quick way to obtain and/or check (relative) simple statistical calculations, and the book as its accompanying manual . . . many statisticians might find StatCalc a handy addition to their computer desktops, particularly (in my case) with teaching in mind!
     —  M.C. Jones, Open University, in Journal of Applied Statistics, Jan. 2008, Vol. 35, No. 2

In summary, this book can be recommended to statistical practitioners who need a comprehensive yet brief reference on statistical distributions with applications.
     — Brian Wiens, Gilead Sciences, Inc., in The American Statistician, Nov.2007, Vol. 61, No. 4


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- American Statistician;   TechnometricsJRSS-AStatistical Papers




Statistical Tolerance Regions: Theory, Applications and Computation

Co-author: Thomas Mathew ; John Wiley 


ISBN-10: 0-470-38026-8

Publication Date: April 2009



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