Sartoris, Colonel John. The first of the Sartorises in Yoknapatawpha County. He was born in Carolina in 1823 and reported to have arrived in Jefferson around 1837, where he built a large plantation home four miles north of the city. He married a Millard girl and had two daughters and a son. During the Civil War he recruited a regiment in Yoknapatawpha County and became a colonel. However, a year later he was demoted and his place was taken by Thomas Sutpen. He remarried in 1865, a cousin of his first wife, a girl named Drusilla Hawk. Later, during the Reconstruction period he killed two carpetbaggers who were trying to take over the county. He built a railroad in the county, and when it was finished (in 1876) he ran for Congress. He was shot and killed by his partner in the railroad enterprise and political opponent, Ben J. Redmond, on September 4, 1876. The character of Colonel Sartoris appears to have been based partially on the life of Faukner's great grandfather, William C. Falkner.

Note: The above portrait is actually of William C. Wickham a C.S.A. field commander under Jeb Stuart during the Civil War. I used his picture because his countenance exudes that arrogant "sartorial splendor" which I have always bathed Colonel Sartoris with in my mind's eye.