Plant Physiology at UL Lafayette
Welcome to the Hasenstein Lab Page!

The Crew:

Dr. Myoung-Ryoul Park

Graduate Students:
Andrea Edge [Ph.D.]
Chitra Pandita [Ph.D.]
Danielle Bradnan [Ph.D.]
Susan John [Ph.D.]
Graduated and moved on:
Yinsheng Wan, Ph.D.
Elison Blancaflor, MS, Ph.D.
R. Paul Baker, Ph.D.
Nenggang Zhang, Ph.D.
Yongying Wang, Ph.D.
Min Liu, Ph.D.
Aruna Kilaru, Ph.D.
Roseline Devariste, MS
Min Chen, MS
Ginger Ku, MS
Soledad Fuentes Ph.D.
Qiaojun Jin, Ph.D.
Yingchun Zhao Ph.D.

Former -

Oleg Kuznetzov, Françoise Marga, Jerry He, Zhong Ma, Peter Scherp

Visiting Scientist:
Dr. Ling Wang

Our Research:
focuses on Gravitational Biology.The following pages include information on our experiment on the lost Shuttle Columbia (STS-107); a follow-up experiment on NASA's Zero-gravity plane and information on the application of High Gradient Magnetic Fields in biology.
Other Research Topics:

Plant cytoskeleton

Theobroma cacao L. Self-incompatibility, Host-Pathogen interactions

Auxin transport

Biology of Iris hexagona Phytohormone levels, distribution of osmolytes, and ion effects.

Quantification of phytohormones by GC/MS

Model system Thistle:
Viscoelastic properties; mechano-transduction in staminal filaments