Philosophy 316:
Professional Ethics


Welcome to the course home page for Dr. Korcz's PHIL 316, Professional Ethics, Spring 2019!

Course Description:
An introduction to ethical issues as they arise in business, including discussions of the nature of morality and moral reasoning, the distribution of economic goods, the moral limits of markets, corporate responsibility, deception in advertising and sales, whistleblowing, boycotts, etc. No prerequisites.

Section #: 003
Meeting Time: MWF 12:00 - 12:50
Meeting Place: HLG 522

About The Class:

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2. Here are some sample exam questions to help you get an idea of what the exams are like.

3. Here are some exercises, with answers, to help you understand validity.

4. Here is a sample answer to the Appeal to Experts Assignment given in class.
For Further Exploration:

1. Some further reading related to some of the course topics.

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