Dr. Korcz's Research Links

These links are intended to be a guide to useful information sites on the web. N.B.: I cannot be responsible for their content!


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How To Be A Successful Student

Student Resources Online

Online Research Resources

Search Engines

Reference Works Online

Magazines Online

Online News

Online Libraries

How To Be A Successful Student

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Graduate School Survival Guide

Dr. Korcz's How To Survive Your First Philosophy Class

Strunk's Elements of Style

A+ Research and Writing

Guidelines for Gender-Fair Use of Language

Library Use
Library of Congress Call Number System
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Student Resources Online  

U-Wire - features news related to universities.

Peterson's - an online guide to universities, describing both graduate and undergraduate programs, advice on standardized exams, etc.

Some Online Research Resources
a. Online Foreign Language Translation
Use Microsoft Translator to translate web pages into your preferred language! 
b. Statistics
Fedstats provides all sorts of statistics from the federal government.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Home Page

Education statistics

Global Statistics

The Census Bureau

National Opinion Research Center

Gallup Poll Home Page

PollingReport.com - summarizes numerous polls

c. History

Hyperhistory Online - an encyclopedia of history.

The History Guide

American Memory - from the Library of Congress

d. Policy
Public Agenda - discussions of current policy issues from multiple viewpoints

Almanac of Policy Issues - distills lots of facts and figures

Rand Reports

e. Psychology
Social Psychology Network - 20,000+ links & detailed organization!

Psych Web - very useful site!

American Psychological Association - lots of info.!

f. Miscellaneous

Research Institute for the Humanities/HUMANUM - a very good collection of links, organized by topic (History, Religion, Literature, Fine Arts, Computers, Philosophy, etc.).

Med-Bio World - 28,000+ links to medical, bioscience, psychology, etc. journals and organizations.

TED - ideas.

Library of Congress

Search Engines
1. Meta-Search Engines
Dogpile - searches several major search engines. Results returned separately from each engine.

ixquick - allows searches in 18 languages!

2. Topic Search Engines

Search Engine Guide - lists thousands of topic-specific search engines.

3. Scholarly Search Engines

Google Scholar

BASE - Searches open access academic documents

4. General Search Engines

Google - Indexes Billions of web pages! Largest search engine on the web! (Sites are ranked acording to how many other pages link to them.)

Bing - new Microsoft thing.

Yahoo - (Sites are ranked by humans.)

Ask - formerly Ask Jeeves. He apparently died.

DuckDuckGo - one page results.

5. About Search Engines
For ratings, information and lists of search engines, try Search Engine Watch.

Reference Works Online
a. Online Dictionaries
One Look Dictionaries - check a definition from 18+ million words from 1,061 dictionaries.

WWWebster Dictionaries

b. Online Encyclopedias

(1) General
Encyclopedia.com - an encyclopedia on the web.

Free Reality Encyclopedia Page - allows you to search numerous online encyclopedias.

Wikipedia - anyone can add or modify articles! (Which is why you don't want to use it for serious research or writing college papers!)

Scholarpedia - wiki restricted to scholars.

(2) Subject Specific  

Encyclopedia of Psychology - 1,700+ links to websites devoted to psychology.

The Encyclopedia of Life - soon to have everything known about every species on the planet.

Internet Mental Health Encyclopedia

WebMD - lots of information on diseases.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian - FAQs from the Smithsonian Institution, devoted mostly to the physical sciences.

Webopedia - online dictionary of internet and computer terms.

Artcyclopedia - articles on 9,000+ artists, over 160,000 links.

PRIME Mathematics Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Astronautica - astronauts, space vehicles, etc.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

(3) Links to Additional Encyclopedias
Encyclopedias on the Web
c. Online Almanacs and Maps
Information Please - an online almanac.

Atlapedia.com - online atlas and facts about countries

CountryReports.org - facts about countries, and they even have national anthems you can hear online!

d. Biographical Information
S9 Biographical Dictionary - Wiki.

Biography.com - information on 7,000 people

Chamber's Biographical Dictionary on-line - 17,000+ entries
e. Mythology/Religion
Encyclopedia Mythica - huge array of articles on mythologies from numerous cultures.

Encyclopedia Mystica - information on the occult.

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Greek Mythology Link

f. Weights and Measures

OnlineConversion.com converts scores of types of measurement (metric, kitchen, ancient, etc., etc.) for you online!
g. Quotations

Creative Quotations - 50,000+ quotations with sources.

Quoteland.com - organized by topic

Aphorisms Galore - lives up to its title!

h. Miscellaneous
Guinness Book of World Records

Virtual Reference Desk - news, magazines, etc. online.

i-Tools - search a wide variety of reference works.

Detailed information about all 50 states.

Martindale's Reference Desk - information on a huge variety of subjects, thoroughly organized!

Libraryspot.com - a virtual library, complete with reference desk!

Online News Magazines
Search for Articles Free Online
Magportal.com - allow you to search or browse articles available from over 100 mainstream magazines (Forbes, Time, U.S. News, Scientific American, SPIN, etc.)  with free articles online.

OIAster - free access to scholarly articles.

High Wire Press - 2.4 million plus free full-text science articles


Links To Links

Directory of Open Access Journals - devoted to scholarly journals - 10,000+ journals.

Old Magazines

Internet Library of Early Journals - texts of 17th and 18th century magazines.

Harper's Weekly - Civil War era issues online.

Online News
General News
BBC News - British news organization
NBC News

PBS Online Newshour

ABC News

CBS News

(a) General
New York Times

LA Times

The Washington Post

Chicago Tribune

The Times of London

The Guardian (UK)

The 250 best online newspapers around the world.

Columnists - links opinion columns and letters to the editor - searchable!

(b) Local
The Advocate (Baton Rouge)

The Daily Advertiser (Lafayette)

The Daily Iberian (New Iberia)

The Independent (Acadiana)

The Times of Acadiana

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans)

Wall Street Journal

Redherring.com - focuses on business technology.

Fake News Detection

10 Questions For Fake News Detection




Military News
Defense News

Federation of American Scientists

War is Boring
Paranormal & Weird
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerly CSICOP)


James Randi Educational Foundation


Skeptical Information Links


The Why Files - explains the science behind the headlines.

EurekAlert - reports news from professional journals


Science and Technology News Network

Space/Astronomy News
NASA homepage

Yahoo Sports


University News

U-Wire - features news related to universities.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
U. S. Government

Congress.gov - Congressional legislative info. from the Library of Congress.

Intellicast - satellite maps, etc., for world weather.

National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service


UM Weather

Online Libraries

Questia Online - huge online library! 83,000+ books! 10 million+ articles!

The Internet Archive - 12,000,000+ books!

Harvard's Open Collections Program
The Bartlby Project - a large selection of classic books, plus poems and quotations!

The English Server - 35,211+ works online!

Project Gutenberg - 54,000+ texts online.

The Online Books Page - 2 million+ books online!

The Free Library -  28 million+ articles and books

Internet Classics Archive - 441 works of classical literature provided by MIT.

Perseus Digital Library

Bibliomania - 2000+ searchable fiction and non-fiction texts, includes study guides.

Readprint.com - thousands of word searchable books, mostly fiction.