Clever and Humorous Philosophy Article and Book Titles

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"The Problem of the Kentucky Fried Rat," Mark Webb, Social Epistemology, 2004, p. 51-58.

"I Can't Believe I'm Stupid," Andy Egan and Adam Elga, Philosophical Perspectives 19, p. 77-93.

"Braving the Perils of an Uneventful World," Terry Horgan with Michael Tye, Grazer Philosophische Studien 31 (1988), 179-186.

There's Something About Mary:  Essays on Phenomenal Consciousness and Frank Jackson's Knowledge Argument, Peter Ludlow, et al, ed.s, MIT Press.

Sense and Sensibilia, J. L. Austin, Oxford University Press.

"Proper Functioning And Warrant After Seven Vodka Martinis," Matthias Steup, Philosophical Studies 72, 1993, pp. 89-109.

"Bananas Enough for Time Travel," N. J. J. Smith, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, vol. 48, 1997, pp. 363-89.

Ought Implies Kant by Joel Marks, Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.

Nonexistent Objects by Terence Parsons, Yale University Press, 1980.

Plus, The Duck Chronicles:

"Rule Consequentialism is a Rubber Duck," Frances Howard-Snyder, American Philosophical Quarterly, 1993.

"Is Rule Consequentialism A Rubber Duck?," Brad Hooker, Analysis, April 1994, 54(2), p. 92-97.

"'Bitten to Death by Ducks': A Reply to Griffin," William Hasker, Process Studies, 29(2), Fall-Winter 2000, p. 227-232.

"Is Democratic Toleration A Rubber Duck?," Glen Newey, Res Publica, 2001, 7(3), p. 315-336.

"I Sent You A Duck: A Heideggerian Rethinking of Race and Gender Privilige," American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, Spring 2008, 7(2), p. 2-5.

"The Glass Shatters and Ducks Turn Into Rabbits: Bad Faith and Moral Luck," Matthew King, Dialogue, Summer-Fall 2008, 47(3-4), p. 583-602.

"The Duck Quacks Back: A Reply to A. Minh Nguyen," Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, 48(3), Sept. 2009, p. 655-663.