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Yahoo movies - reviews, etc. - discusses some of the worst movies ever.

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The Movie Pooper - movie endings only!

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Movie Pages (& their philosophical implications)
Star Wars Official Website
Given that Anakin is Darth Vader in the original Star Wars, is he really free not to become Vader?
Star Trek Official Website
Too many philosophical implications to count. See Richard Hanley's The Metaphysics of Star Trek.
Rocky Horror Site
A case study of a hard-core hedonist.
Pulp Fiction Site
A brilliant study of the motives for doing evil. (Warning: contains 411 curse words, a rate of 2.67 per minute!)
The Matrix 
Built around a brain-in-a-vat type scenario!
James Bond Movies
A  thorough guide to all things Bond.
A wide ranging satire of religion.
Thank You for Smoking
A morality play, and very funny.

She's just not quite focusing on the right ethical issues ...


Better late than never ... ? or, Don't Do Drugs.

12 Monkeys

The perils of a being in real estate and not liking it ...


Script-O-Rama - 600+ movie and TV scripts online!

Filmbug - a movie and star search engine

Popular Culture and Philosophy series of books from Open Court - includes several volumes devoted to particular movies and directors, as well as TV shows, music genres and artists, sports, etc. Blackwell also has such a series.

Philosophical Films