Humanities 101:

Syllabus: Explorations In Liberal Arts
HUMN 101 - Dr. Keith Korcz - Spring 2007

  How To Reach Professor Korcz:
My office is in H. L. Griffin Hall, rm. 563. My office hours are MW 1:20-3:00 and 4:20-5:00, and T 12:00-3:00, Th 12:00 - 12:30 and 1:30 - 3:00, and F 11:30 - 12:30.  We can also meet at other times by arrangement - just ask. My office phone no. is 482-6806. You can also contact me (or ask questions) by e-mail at

  Required Texts:
1. Course Pack (available only at the Reserve Desk in Dupre Library, first floor).

2. Some readings will be available only on-line. These are linked from the on-line syllabus which you can access via the course home page (web address below).

  Assignments & Grading:
There will be eleven assignments given out at various times during the semester. Each assignment will be worth a maximum of 100 points, out of 1,000 points for the semester. The lowest scoring assignment will be counted as extra-credit. Some of the assignments will be in-class quizzes, others will be take-home assignments, and one will include a class presentation. I may also give out additional modest extra-credit assignments.

The course grades will initially be determined according to the standard scale, i.e., 90-100% = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D, 59% and below = F, and then may be modified as follows:  Course grades might be curved, but, if so, the curve would not be such that any student's grade is lowered. Such factors as improvement over the length of the course, class participation, attendance, etc., may be taken into consideration, especially where doing so may improve a borderline grade. You must complete all course assignments (namely 10 of the assignments) to receive a passing grade (i.e., a grade other than F, NC or U).

  Internet Resources:
I strongly recommend taking advantage of the following resources!
The home page for this course contains links to an on-line syllabus (which contains links to readings available on-line, optional resources available on-line, etc.), and links to other resources you will find helpful. The web address is:
My home page contains links to all my course home pages, extensive links pages on philosophy, general research, fun sites, and lots of other information. The web address is:

  Class Policies:
If you miss class, for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to get class notes from another student. If you miss an assignment due date, you must notify me within one week of either the due date of the assignment or the cessation of a medically documented persistent vegetative state in order to make up the assignment. Missed exams or other assignments can be made up for full credit  only if an appropriate excuse, e.g., illness requiring medical attention, participation in certain official university events, etc., is provided. An unexcused late assignment will be dropped 2/3 of a letter grade per day it is late.  If you have a disability and require assistance with fulfilling class assignments, don't hesitate to notify the instructor and the Office for Services for Students with Disabilities at 482-5252. Finally, be sure you are familiar with all university policies described in the UL Undergraduate Bulletin. All assignments for this class must be completed individually (i.e., without the help of anyone except the instructor), and any instance of academic dishonesty on any assignment will be sufficient to fail the course.

  Emergency Evacuation Procedures:
A map of this floor is posted near the elevator marking the evacuation route and the Designated Rescue Area. This is an area where emergency service personnel will go first to look for individuals who need assistance in exiting the building. Students who may need assistance should identify themselves to the teaching faculty.

Course Calendar & Planned Reading Assignments*

You should complete each of the readings before they are discussed in class. Some of the readings are difficult, and you may find that you need to re-read them after they have been gone over in class in order to fully understand them.

*NOTE: All planned topics, readings, assignments and due dates are tentative and may be altered or deleted.

(OL) = The reading is on-line. Go to the course home page, and from there to the on-line syllabus to access this reading.

(CP) = Course pack

*Monday, Jan. 15 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No Classes*

Jan. 18 - Lecture Topics: Syllabus - Questionnaire - Drop/Add - Brief Guide to Note Taking Skills
Reading Assignment For This Class: (OL): "Advice From My Previous Students"

Jan. 25 - Lecture Topics: Time and Money Management
Reading Assignment For This Class: (CP): "Making the Most of Your Time" by Carol Kanar; (OL): "Money-Saving Tips"

Feb. 1 - Lecture Topic: Study Skills
Reading Assignment For This Class: (CP): "Disarm Tests" by Dave Ellis

Feb. 8 - Lecture Topic: Who Are Your Professors?
Reading Assignment For This Class: None

Feb. 15 - Lecture Topic: What Is A University For?
Reading Assignment For This Class: (CP): "Freedom and the Colleges" by Bertrand Russell; "Wonder and Skepticism" by Carl Sagan

*Friday, Feb. 16 through Wednesday, Feb. 21 - Mardi Gras - No Classes*

Feb. 22 - Lecture Topic: What Is Truth?
Reading Assignment For This Class: (CP): "Relativism, Truth and Reality" by Theodore Schick and Lewis Vaughn

March 1 - Lecture Topic: Diversity and Free Speech on Campus
Reading Assignment For This Class: (CP): selections from Free Speech on Campus by Martin P. Golding; "Is It Good To Be Open-Minded?" by William Hare

March 8 - Lecture Topic: Diversity and Free Speech on Campus (continued)
Reading Assignment For This Class: (continued)

March 15 - Lecture Topic: Basics of Critical Thinking
Reading Assignment For This Class: (CP): "Developing A Critical Attitude" by Douglas Soccio

March 22 - Lecture Topic: Some Common Fallacies in Reasoning
Reading Assignment For This Class: None

March 29 - Lecture Topics: Practice in Critical Thinking
Reading Assignment For This Class: None

April 5 - Lecture Topic: Selecting A Major & A Career
Reading Assignment For This Class: (CP): "Can Money Buy Happiness?" by David Futrelle; "Help Me: I'm Undeclared" by Robert M. Sherfield

*Friday, April 6 Through Sunday, April 15 - Spring Break - No Classes*

April 19 - Lecture Topics: Student presentations on cultural life at UL
Reading Assignment For This Class: None.

April 26 - Flex day.

May 3 - Finish remaining material/review.

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