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Plus, see my Movies page!

Try my Surrealist Philosophy Exam! Just like the real thing!

See some clever philosophy article and book titles!

Or, how about an Afghanistan banana stand?

Online Student Magazines - includes U Magazine


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Things To Do  

Watch Rick & Morty!

Visit the Institute of Official Cheer for the Gallery of Regrettable Food, Interior Desecrations, etc.

Starchertrek - What if Archer commanded the Enterprise?

What if? - scientific answers to weird questions.

Visit The Onion - a fake newspaper published every week.

Cash out at the Dollar Redesign Project.

See things fail at failblog.

Broadcast yourself at the ever popular You Tube.

Go to Yesterland - a theme park on the web (featuring discontinued DisneyLand attractions).

Visit Vegas with Bud E. Love as your guide!

Learn the Hamster Dance.

Sell your soul to Satan - no long lines, no background checks - it's quick and easy on the net!

Find out How Stuff Works.

Read a comic strip!

Visit South Park!

Buy 100,000+ posters and prints from

Sources of skeptical information on the Internet (UFOs, Parapsychology, Creationism, etc.)

Study the science of baseball.

Check out some optical illusions.

See the results of a Furby autopsy!

Predict the future with the Magic 8-Ball!

Visit the Toaster Museum!

Visit Mars!

Explore the Exploratorium!

Travel the solar system with NASA!

Visit the Bad Fads Museum!

Plan your roadtrip with directions from Mapquest! And be sure to check on the weather with the weather underground!

Take a scary drive down The Moonlit Road!

See Adbusters for ad spoofs & revolutionary rhetoric!

So You've Decided To Be Evil - a step-by-step guide to joining the forces of darkness!

The Center for Chihuahua Exploitation - hate those dirty little rat-dogs? This is the site for you!

The Dialectizer - found a boring web page? Try reading it in dialect - this website will translate any web page into dialects such as pig latin, Elmer-Fudd-speak, redneck, Swedish chef, etc.! - See your tax dollars at work!

Dumb Warnings - safety first!!

How many pennies does it take to fill the Empire State Building? Find out at the Megapenny Project!

Get the hole story on Belly Button Lint from Dr. Karl!

Get some religion at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Art Online
Masterworks Fine Art Gallery
The Vincent Van Gogh Information Gallery

Salvadore Dali Online Art Exhibit

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has over 3,500 online images of artworks.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York also has images of a number of its works online.

All-Music Guide - search reviews by song title, album or artist!
Rolling Stone Magazine

Yahoo - reviews, concert dates, etc.

Billboard Online

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Downtown Alive - free concerts in downtown Lafayette - see who's playing and when!

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