The Fallacy Game Script
  for the meeting held on Sept. 29, 2004

Peter: So, have you heard about the new dinosaur that was found. It is called a Dinocephalosaurus. It could be evidence for the existence of the Loch Ness Monster because it is shaped like what everyone has described.
Cindy: I do not believe in the Loch Ness Monster
Peter: What are you saying? Look, either it exists or everyone is just lying... or on crack. (False Dilemma)
Cindy: No, I don't think they are lying. I am just saying that it is possible that they are mistaken about what they saw.
Peter: Listen, if the Loch Ness Monster existed, there would be videos and pictures. Right?
Cindy: Yeah.
Peter: Well, all of the witnesses have videos and pictures, so it must exist.(Affirming the Consequent)
Cindy: I do not know if that is true. Pictures can be easily faked. After all, we all saw Forest Gump shaking hands with President Kennedy.
Peter: How much evidence do you need? If you won't believe those videos then you might as well not believe any other tapes or pictures. If you are going to deny this then we might as well doubt every video. You know what will happen then? Videos will become obselete and we will never see another super cool Will Smith movie. (Slippery Slope)
Cindy: All I am saying is that if Loch Ness existed then there would be good evidence to support it, but it doesn't exist, so any supposed "evidence" is unreliable. (Denying the Anticedent)
Peter: Well, smarty, no one has proved that Old Nessy does not exist, so until they do I will keep believing. (Appeal to Ignorance)
Cindy: That does not make much sense. I cannot prove that men do not live in the center of the Earth, but that doesn't prove they do.
Peter: So I guess you'll just have to wait to find out if they do live in the center of the Earth. You know what?
Cindy: What?
Peter: I think that you do not believe in the Loch Ness Monster because you are a close minded idiot.(Ad Hominem) Bob Hope believes in the Loch Ness and he is smart. (Appeal to Authority)
Cindy: I really do not care what Bob Hope thinks.
Peter: What?! Are you a communist? You probably are a communist! I can't believe you would talk that way about Bob Hope. He has brought laughter to our troops for decades. You work for Osama bin Laden don't you?! (Straw Man/Ad Hominem)
Cindy: What are you talking about? Listen, every time you believe in something without good reason people get hurt. This belief in the Loch Ness is the reason why the Scottish keep drinking.( False Cause) I'd drink all the time too if all these wackos kept showing up at my lake screaming about some nonexistent monster. You really should not encourage people to waste their time searching for things that do not exist. Is that what you want to contribute to society? A bunch of people wasting their money and life to see something that may not even exist. Think about your grandmother getting duped into spending all her retirement money on those silly dolls. (Appeal to Emotion) Now, grandma will go bankrupt snd her heart will be shattered because of the Loch Ness Monster. (Slippery Slope)
Peter: Who is being silly now? I don't think that my grandma will blow all of her money on the Loch Ness. I have spent a lot of time studying the Loch Ness Monster, but if I cannot convince you then ir was all for nothing. I'll just go home and kill myself, but you don't care.(Appeal to Pity)
Cindy: No. No, I don't.
Peter: I knew it! You are a traitor to your country for denying Old Nessy. (Ad Hominem)
Cindy: I'm not Scottish.
Peter: You do not believe in the Loch Ness Monster because of your hatred for Bush! You hate the president and America and the Loch Ness Monster. Isn't that true? You want your country to collapse don't you? (Straw Man)
Cindy: Now you sound like Shawn Hannity.
Peter: If you will not believe me, then I will punch you in the face until you believe me. (Appeal to Force)
Cindy: Now you are just being weird.
Peter: Well, if you are going to be totally rational, then I can't talk to you.
Cindy: I think that is a good idea.

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