Exam 1 Crossword

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1. Kind of miracles that does not involve a violation of the laws of nature.
5. Place studying for the test should be on your list of things to do.
9. An event that is amazing and unusual, caused by God, and is helpful to someone.
10. A deductive argument which is such that on the assumption that all the premises are true, the conclusion has to be true.
12. A kind of inerrancy.
13. What both philosophers and scientists seek.
14. View that there is just one god who is perfect in every way.
15. Something which does not involve a self-contradiction is logically __________.
19. Abbrev. for the sort of argument presented in Aquinas' first three ways; also a misspelling of Kramer's first name.
20. Author of course pack article on faith.
21. The view according to which more than one god exists is ____theism.
2. All-knowing.
3. Drawing a square circle is ____ logically possible.
4. Egyptian sun god (alternatively: "___, ___, sisk boom bah".)
6. The two main kinds of systems of religious belief are monotheism and __________.
7. Supreme, perfect being according to theists.
8. Kind of faith whose object is the character of a being.
11. View according to which religion is not subject to rational evaluation.
16. Latin for "all".
17. Kind of faith the fideist prefers.
18. Abbrev. for kind of argument for God's existence which relies on sensation, RMEs, etc.
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8
12 13
15 16 17 18