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Welcome to the home page for Dr. Keith Korcz's section of Critical Thinking, PHIL 202.

Syllabus for Spring 1999

For some links to various sites dealing with critical thinking, see the Logic and Critical Thinking portion of my Philosophy Links page. But please keep in mind that I cannot be responsible for pages I have not written. Always go by what you have been given in class and in required textbooks.

Each of the following links leads you to a set of practice exercises. Answers are at the bottom of each page. At the very bottom of each page are two buttons. Hit the "Home" button to go to my home page. Hit the "Back" button to return to this page.

1. Practice In Argument Identification

2. Practice In Immediate Inference

3. Practice With Venn Diagrams And The Three Rule System (under construction)

4. Practice With Symbolizing

5. Practice With Long Truth-Tables

6. Practice In Identifying Informal Fallacies