Paradoxes & Skepticism:
Links & Videos

Here are some fun sites relevant to our course.

A. Some links regarding the four main schools of Ancient Greek philosophy:

Archaeologists are currently excavating the "painted porch" of the Stoics.

Here are some pictures of the ruins of Plato's Academy.

Aristotle's Lyceum is open to the public.

The exact location of the Garden of Epicurus is not known.

B. Videos regarding paradoxes:

What is Zeno's DIchotomy Paradox?

Zeno's paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise.

Hilbert's Hotel.

How the Liar Paradox can save you when the androids try to take over!

A brief overview of ten paradoxes.

C. Videos & Links regarding skepticism:

Philosopher Jennifer Nagel provides (1) a brief introduction to the theory of knowledge, (2) a nice overview of skeptical traditions and arguments, and (3) a few responses to skepticism. An unusually well done series of videos.

Brief video on Descartes and the Matrix.

Descartes Houses in France and Amsterdam!

Two videos on (1) Hume's theory of knowledge and (2) the problem of induction.

D. Videos regarding personal identity.

A video about a woman's hemispherectomy.

Daniel Dennett on personal identity.

Derek Parfit on personal identity.

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