Philosophy of Religion:
Sample Exam Questions


NOTE: These sample questions are provided only to familiarize you with the format of the exams. You should infer nothing from them about the content of the exams.

Instructions: Choose the BEST answer. All exams are closed book/closed note.

1. The following argument is:
P1. If all dogs are mushrooms, then Henry is green.
P2. All dogs are mushrooms.
C. Henry is green.
 a. valid
 b. invalid
 c. true
 d. sound

2. In class, it was stated that
 a. the concept of truth is mysterious and we will probably never fully  understand it.
 b. something can be true only if someone believes it's true.
 c. a statement is true if it matches up with the way things are.
 d. truth is just a concept.

3. One definition of God's omnipotence given in class was that omnipotence is the power to do anything that is logically possible to do. Explain why God cannot exist if that interpretation of omnipotence is correct.

4. One objection raised in class to Aquinas' first way to prove that God exists is that
 a. it presupposes (an incorrect) Aristotelian physics
 b. existence is not a predicate
 c. it entails that there exist teleological causes
 d. whatever is in motion is moved by another

5. Fully state three of the reasons theists often hold that omnibenevolence is the most important attribute of God.

Answers to multiple choice:
1. a
2. c
4. a