Philosophy of Religion:
For Further Reading


Here are some interesting and fun-to-read books related to a few of the topics discussed in class. None of these is required or expected for the course, but if you are curious about a topic and would like to explore it some more, these are some fun places to start.

Some fun to read books:

Faith vs. Fact: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible, by Jerry A. Coyne, (New York, NY: Penguin Books, 2016)

God? A Debate Between A Christian and an Atheist, by William Lane Craig and Walter Sinott-Armstrong, (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2004)

Jesus, Interrupted
by Bart Ehrman (HarperOne, 2010) - discusses the origins and development of the New Testament

The Unauthorized Version: Truth and Fiction in the Bible
, by Robin Lane Fox, (New York, NY: Vintage, 1993)

DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman, (South Paris, ME: Park Street Press, 2000) - discusses a possible explanation for religious mystical experiences

Religion and the Enlightenment: From Descartes to Kant by James M. Byrne, (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 1997)

Some good popular science books on evolution and the age of the universe:

The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins (New York, NY: W. W. Norton, 1986)

Science on Trial by Douglas Futuyma, (Sinauer Associates, 1995)

The Birth of Time: How Astronomers Measured the Age of the Universe by John Gribbin, (Yale University Press, 2001)

Only A Theory by Kenneth Miller (Viking, 2008)

Some more advanced works in philosophy of religion:

Michael Bergmann, et al, Divine Evil?: The Moral Character of the God of Abraham, (Oxford University Press, 2011)

Daniel Howard-Snyder, ed., The Evidential Argument From Evil, (Indiana University Press, 1996)

Anthony Kenny, The God of the Philosophers, (Oxford University Press, 1987) - on the theistic god's attributes

Michael Martin, Atheism: A Philosophical Justification, (Temple University Press, 1990) - tons of arguments

Michael L. Peterson and Raymond Vanarragon, ed.s, Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion, (Blackwell, 2003)

Richard Swinburne, The Existence of God, (Oxford University Press, 2005) - wide-ranging discussion


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