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Hume on the Web

Here are some useful web resources devoted to David Hume:
Works by Hume on the Web

The Online Library of Liberty has a good selection of Hume's works available online.

A video of an actor playing Hume on a site on the Scottish Enlightenment.

Available through the Making of America online library is the four volume set of The Philosophical Works of David Hume published in 1854. Note that this appears to be a scan.

Volume 1 - includes autobiographical material and Book 1 of the Treatise
Volume 2 - includes Books 2 and 3 plus the appendix of the Treatise, plus Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
Volume 3 - includes Essays Moral, Political and Literary
Volume 4 - includes the two Enquirys, A Dissertation on the Passions, The Natural History of Religion, and some additional essays.

Also available from Making of America is the complete History of England.

Many of Hume's works are available via the Leeds Hume Project.

McMaster University's Archive for the History of Economic Thought has Hume's essays on economics.

Jonathan Bennett has "translated" many of Hume's key works into more contemporary English.

Philosophy About Hume

Many issues of Hume Studies, an interdisciplinary journal devoted to Hume are available free via their website at

You can listen to an interview with Hume scholar Don Garrett about Hume.

Philpapers' David Hume Page

Some Hume Scholars with Papers Online

Collier, Mark.

Garrett, Don.

Millican, Peter.

Owen, David.

Russell, Paul.

Schliesser, Eric.

Strawson, Galen.

Traiger, Saul.

Hume Bibliographies

The Leeds Hume Project includes an extensive annotated bibliography to works about Hume's Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.

James Fieser's seriously detailed bibliography of Hume's writings and early responses is available online.

Biographical Information

Some contemporary and historical comments on Hume's autobiography are available.

There is also a NYT article about Hume.

Philosophy Now - David Hume at 300


E. C. Mossner, The Life of David Hume, Second Ed. (Oxford University Press) - considered the definitive biography, reasonably readable if you are motivated.

Roderick Graham, Great Infidel: A Life of David Hume, (Tuckwell Press, 2005)

David Edmonds and John Eidinow, Rousseau's Dog, (Ecco, 2006) - enjoyable read discusses the conflict between Hume and Jean-Jacques Rousseau

James A. Harris, Hume: An Intellectual Biography, (Cambridge University press, 2015) - a well-reviewed biography.

Hume's Historical Context

The History of Economic Thought website has a useful account of the Scottish Enlightenment, of which Hume was a part.

Why Hume Is Hot!

Hume Sites

The Hume Society - organization devoted to Hume, publishes the journal Hume Studies. - from Peter Millican.

The McGill University David Hume Collection boasts the largest collection of original works of Hume outside Edinburgh University - its catalog of holdings is online.


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