Professional Ethics:

Here are some interesting videos relevant to some of the course topics:

What Are Stakeholders? by R. Edward Freeman, author of one of the articles in the course pack.

Corporate ethics - a sub-site on YouTube, contains many videos.

Milton Friedman defends greed.

Greed is Good - Gordon Gekko! Yikes!

IBM study of the role of ethics in business.

Morality and the Free Market - by Michael Sandel, author of one of the articles in the course pack, on paying kids to read for good grades.

Penn & Teller defend sweatshops.

Australian TV exposes forced labor in Nike sweatshops.

Wealth Inequality in America.

How Economic Inequality Harms Societies - a talk from Richard Wilkinson.

The Entrepreneurial State - an economist explains how givernment investment drives the economy by making the risky long-term investments businesses won't.

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