Philosophy 314:

Welcome to the course home page for Dr. Korcz's course PHIL 314 Ethics, Fall 2006.

Section 001:
Meeting Time: MW 1:30 - 2:45
Meeting Place: HLG 505
Course #: 185195

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The online syllabus for the course contains numerous links to additional information about the authors of the articles and texts we'll be reading, etc.

If you have no background in philosophy, you may find the following articles, written by Dr. Korcz, helpful: "What Is Philosophy?" and "Moral Reasoning In Applied Ethics". See my How To Survive Your First Philosophy Course pages for advice on writing papers, studying for exams, taking notes, etc.

For additional philosophy related links, some of which are relevant to issues discussed in class, see my Philosophy Links. The subsection on Theoretical Ethics is especially relevant.

For a guide to research resources on the internet, see my Doing Research in Philosophy page. That page also contains a link to my list of Philosophy Journals Available at Dupre Library page, which provides links for those journal articles which can be downloaded off the internet by UL Lafayette users. 

Please keep in mind that I cannot be responsible for web pages I have not written! If you find something on one of the web pages that is inconsistent with what I've said in class or what you've read in the assigned texts for the course, always go by what you've been given in class or the texts for assignments and exams!

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