Philosophy 210:
Links to the Unusual



Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerly Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal (CSICOP) - lots of online articles regarding all kinds of paranormal phenomena!

Jim Lippard's Skeptical Links - 500+ links to the weird!

The Skeptic's Dictionary - Brief explanations regarding many paranormal and pseudi-scientific phenomena plus links.

The Unmuseum - contains history regarding many paranormal phenomena, e.g., the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, etc. - a guide to cranks on the net.

Understanding Scientific Methodology:

Sense About Science - covers methods and pseudoscience.

EurekAlert - includes a partial list of peer-reviewed journals on its links page.

Improving Medical Statistics - explains common misinterpretations via real examples.

Science and Pseudo-Science - a useful article outlining the philosophical issues involved in distinguishing the two.


Bible Code

David Thomas' page - contains lots of useful links, from the author of one of our course pack articles.

Brain, Myth of Using Only 10%:

Do We Use Only 10% of Our Brain? - includes some additional links.

Creationism and Evolution:

Science and Creationism: A View From the National Academy of Sciences - a terrific resource!

The Talk Origins Archive - a huge amount of information!

The Institute For Creation Research

Answers In Genesis - many articles from their Creation magazine are available online.

No Answers In Genesis

The Human Behavior and Evolution Society
Lots of great links!

Intelligent Design? A Special Report from Natural History Magazine - presents brief articles by creationists along with rebuttals.

Creation Research Society

Darwinism: Science or Philosophy? - papers from a symposium.

National Center For Science Education - contains online pamphlets arguing against creationism as well as updates on current legal battles to get creationism taught in schools.

Understanding Evolution - very accessible discussion of evolution.

The Biblical Astronomer - gives an account of a Bible-based astronomy.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Evolution Page

Crop Circles:

Circlemakers - an organization of crop-circle makers.


Myth vs. Physics

Flat Earth Theory:

Some useful papers on Flat-Earth "science."

Information about the International Flat Earth Society.


New Orleans Paranormal and Occult Research Society - contains pics of ghosts in New Orleans! Yikes!


Quackwatch - debunks homeopathy, iridology, herbal medicines, etc.

National Council Against Health Fraud - studies of homeopathy, herbal remedies, etc.

Pareidolic Interpretation:

Live Science page on pareidolia

Cats That Look Like Hitler

Politics and Pundits:



Fact Checker


Lists of end-of-the-world prophecies at RationalWiki and at Religious


The UFO Skeptic's Page by Robert Scheaffer.

Urban Legends:

Christian Urban Legends

Scientific Urban Legends