Philosophy 210:
Multi-Media Weirdness


A. Videos on YouTube

The Colour Changing Card Trick - featuring psychologist Richard Wiseman - amazing!

Apollo Robbins on the art of misdirection


Michael Shermer Explains How to Fake UFO Photographs - and People Who Believe They are Real!

James Randi has lots of good videos up

Psychic Reading Debunked Piece by Piece

Michael Shermer Debunks the Bible Code

B. Videos Elsewhere
Skeptical Inquirer Video clips - from The Science Channel, and hosted by William B. Davis (the Smoking Man from The X-Files), these clips evaluate various paranormal claims, and feature some of the authors of the articles in our course pack.

Bogosity - debunks various bogus claims, and includes a discussion of pareidolia.

Video and audio clips from the Milgram experiments.

C. TV In General
Mythbusters debunks myths, often using explosions.

Penn & Teller's Bullshit! debunks various alleged paranormal phenomena.