Philosophy 151: Honors Introduction To Philosophy


Welcome to the home page for Dr. Korcz's Honors Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2001.

Section: 001
Meeting Time: TR 12:30-1:45
Meeting Place: HLG 501
Course #: 127281

The online syllabus for the course contains links to the home pages of some of the philosophers we will be discussing in class.

See my How To Survive Your First Philosophy Course pages for advice on writing papers, studying for exams, taking notes, etc.

For additional philosophy related links, some of which are relevant to issues discussed in class, see my Philosophy Links page. This page has over 250 links, including sections of links to pages about Descartes, Hume,
and personal identity. For other useful links about doing research on the internet, writing papers, etc., see my Research Links. But please keep in mind that I cannot be responsible for websites I have not written! If you run across anything which differs from what I have told you in class, always go by what I have told you in class for purposes of completing class assignments!

Descartes Crossword I - an interactive crossword puzzle to help you learn about Descartes and epistemology!

Class Handouts:
Lots of Logic Examples Handout
Exam 1 Study Guide
Exam 2 Study Guide
Paper Assignment

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