Philosophy 101:
Introduction To Philosophy


Welcome to the course page for Dr. Korcz's Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2010.

Course Description:

What is philosophy? Does God exist? Can we have knowledge? What is the mind? Are you the same person you were 10 years ago? We'll explore these questions and more. No prerequisites.

Section 001:
Meeting Time: MWF 10:00-10:50
Meeting Place: HLG 504
Course #: 228870

About the Class

1. You can see how previous students evaluated this course here.

2. See the online syllabus for the course.

3. See my How to Survive Your First Philosophy Class
pages for all kinds of helpful advice.
For Further Explorarion

1. Some Further Reading related to some of the course topics.

2. View some online videos
related to course material.

3. See my Philosophy Links page for a guide to philosophy on the internet.

4. My home page connects you to all my stuff.
Some Practice Exercises

1. Some exercises, with answers, to help you understand validity.

2. Here is some practice in identifying the fallacies discussed in the text.

3. Try an interactive crossword puzzle to help you prepare for the first exam.

4. Another interactive crossword puzzle using terminology from Descartes.

5. The home page for the Schick & Vaughn textbook  (our book contains selections from this) has a variety of study aids available.


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