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I am an Assistant Professor at The Center of Advanced Computer Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am also an adjunct assistant professor at Queen's School of Computing. Before joining CACS I was an NSERC posdoc fellow at Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science. I received my PhD from Queen's University in 2013. My research interests span the areas of mobile and ubiquitous computing, distributed systems, context-aware cyber-physical systems, and elastic networking paradigms to cope with dynamic applications. My current research focus is on novel Ubiquitous Cloud paradigms and Internet of Things (IoT). Google Scholar Index.

Updates: Looking for highly motivated PhD students to join our IoT Research group for new projects in IoT and mobile computing. If you are interested, please email me your CV or come to my office if you are currently a ULL student.


Latest Highlights

- 7/2017     Project on "Data Integrity of Smart City Traffic Infrastructure" awarded! Thank you CVDI IAB: CGI!

- 7/2017     Project on "Enabling Mobile Visual Analytics" awarded! Thank you CVDI IAB: Lite!

- 6/2017     Paper on "An Empirical Study of Latency in an Emerging Class of Edge Computing Applications" accepted to SEC'17. Congratulations Zhuo (CMU).

- 6/2017     Project on "Improving Student Learning in Hydrology \& Water Resources Engineering by Enabling the Development, Sharing and Interoperability of Active Learning Resources" awarded! Thank you NSF! (Award ID: 1726965)

- 4/2017     Project on "Dynamic Access Control in IoT Deployments" awarded! Thank you Board of Regent! (Award ID: LEQSF(2017-20)-RD-A-19)

- 11/2016     Our chapter on secure healthcare services accepted to Emergent Computation.

- 08/2016     Joined CACS at University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an assistant professor.

- 04/2016     Our paper on Web service discovery for IoT deployments accepted to IJSC. Congratulations Yehia.

- 02/2016     IoT Expedition received funding extension.

- 02/2016     Our workshop on distributed mobile systems and IoT services (DMSS 2016) is open for submissions.

- 02/2016     Sima Soltani (my 1st PhD student) received her PhD from Queen's, congratulations Dr. Soltani.

- 01/2016     Our workshop on Scalable Interent of Things (S-IoT 2016) is open for submissions.

- 01/2016     Open Face v2 released on github.

- 01/2016     Our paper on Access Control accepted to IEEE BigDataSecruity 2016. Congratulations Nafiseh.

- 12/2015     Our paper on Mobile Face Recognition accepted to WCNC 2016. Congratulations Galal.

- 12/2015     Serving as workshop chair for UCC2016, Shanghai, China.

- 12/2015     Organizing Worshop on Scalable Internet of Things (S-IoT'2016)-- submission open.

- 11/2015     Visited Google@Mountain View and gave a research talk on Edge Analytics for IoT.

- 10/2015     Our paper on Cloud Monitoring accepted to UCC2015. Congratulations Saad and Marwa.

- 09/2015     Our team @ CMU is leading the Google IoT expedition.

- 07/2015     New OCE VIP/NSERC ENGAGE(CA) project on Ubiquitous Mobile Service Exchange is awarded.

- 03/2015     Received NSERC PDF Award.

- 04/2015     Our paper goDiscovery accepted to ICWS 2015. Congratulations Yehia.

- 03/2015     Paper submission is open for DMSS 2015 (please contribute).

- 03/2015     Paper submission is open for UMC 2015-IEEE SERVICES 2015 (please contribute).