RainbowearthSolving the Autism Puzzle
Sertoma International Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorders
  April 12-14, 2007
Lafayette, Louisiana
Cajundome Convention Center




What participants said (quoted with full written permission):

"This conference was by far the best I have ever attended in my 17 year nursing career." (Amber King, Registered Nurse, Coldwater, Mississippi)

"It was the BEST conference I have ever attended in my 32 years of my professional career..." (Tamara Upchurch McKinley, Speech-Language Pathologist, Texas)

"This conference was absolutely wonderful! I was grateful to be a part of it!" (Lea Duvall, Speech-Language Pathologist, Louisiana)

"This conference was extremely informative.... one of the best conferences that I have attended on this topic." (Dr. Kathy Whipple, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Baylor, Texas)

"I thought the conference was superb. My opinion has changed radically on the whole issue of mercury and autism thanks to what I learned" (presenter, Dr. Michael Glabus, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, Laboratory of Biological Psychiatry Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center).

"This conference has given me a great sense of hope..." (Melanie Richard, Baton Rouge, parent)

"I would like people to know that I have a 5-year old son with autism and he has never spoken. I went home and tried some of the Carbone training with my son. For the first time ever he looked at me and tried to say hug. I showed him the sign for hug several times and would give him a hug. Then he started doing the sign for hug and waiting for me to give him a hug. .. Then one of the times, he showed me the sign for hug, and I did not hug him right away [Carbone's delay technique], so he said 'ug', 'ug' several times.... Thanks! And God bless!" (Mrs. Lorine Ward, Pearl River, LA)

"I attended Autism07 and I thought it was just wonderful. I was so happy to hear from experts in the biomedical field about the treatement of autism.... we have an autistic son who will be 4 next month. We are beginning an in-home ABA theraby program in June... looking to hire 4 therapists [following Dr. Carbone's methods]..." (call Vickie Waihi if interested at 337-412-2754).

"I know in my heart we are going to impact many families...!" (Brad Gaubert, Exhibitor at Autism07).

"Thank you so much. I love Cajun country, ..." wrote David Kirby, speaker and author of Evidence of harm: Mercury in vaccines and the autism epidemic. He went on to refer to a gift box from Acadiana which he had opened: "I am eating pecans and sipping coffee [Community Coffee, that is!] right now!"

Dr.  Kennedy wrote, "...let me say thank you ...  for inviting me to this important meeting of minds.... I hadn’t met nor heard a detailed explanation of Andrew Wakefield’s MMR theory and found that very interesting.... I’ve known Stephanie Cave for several years as she has spoken to our academy on several occasions and always find her talks interesting and informative. Overall I felt that you had assembled a very good cast of characters to begin to unravel the puzzle of Autism. ... I think most of us have arrived at some determination of at least one factor in the development of this devastating disorder.... (Dr. David Kennedy, DDS, is Past President of the Intenational Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, and was one of the plenary speakers at Autism07.)

"The world needs to hear Dr. Wakefield speak. They need to listen and take action to save our children and our selves" (Mary Tillman, M.Ed., Ed.S. Educational Diagnostician).

One of our MD participants, Dr. Danielle Parsley, intervewed on Channel 10 by celebrity Maria Placer, said, "Rarely have I heard a speaker so amazingly eloquent. I hope that I will model myself as a doctor after Dr. Wakefield. He is one of a kind!"

Words like "wonderful!", "EXCELLENT!!!", "informative!", "inspiring" appear on almost every page of the hundreds of evaluations turned in by professional participants from medicine, nursing, communication disorders, occupational therapy, social work, psychology, and so on. Many of them are also parents or grandparents of a child with autism. Parents from all walks of life commented that the speakers were able generally to explain the research and its implications in ways that all us ordinary folks could easily understand. Thanks to Dr. Wakefield and all the other speakers for making the research on toxicology, immunology, and gastroenterology accessible to all participants. It takes a little work to understand the research, but it's worth it.

As one mom put it, "The most impressing fact that I grapple with is that I have mercury fillings in my teeth, received two Rhogam shots [loaded with thimerosal], and ingest flouride [another known neurotoxin] every day." (She gave us permission to quote, but we will not mention her name here to protect the innocent... The facts are still facts.)

Dr. Stephen von Tetzchner was commended for video resources on alternative approaches to communication, and for coming all the way from Norway. Mr. Jeff Sell was praised for his wit and xcellent humor and the work he is doing on the legal side of the vaccine injury cases. We Americans have some house cleaning to do with respect to toxins that are being falsely passed off as safe by the American Dental Association (silver dental amalgam that is really 50% mercury), by the Food and Drug Administration (rhogam to pick just one among many examples), by pharmaceutical companies (e.g., thimerosal in the flu shot, now proposed as a requirement for babies of 6 months by Aventis Pasteur which company claims that mercury is safe to put in babies' blood streams).

Does the name Hippocrates ring any bells? What happened to the idea that doctors aren't supposed to do harm? Thank God for recruits from the UK--- the good old mother country--- like Andy Wakefield. I think I have never known a more meticulous, clear-headed, and sensible approach to complex research problems than Dr. Wakefield has developed over his productive medical career. We can also point to the work of Drs. Cave, Kennedy, Bradstreet, the Geiers, Boyd Haley, Amy Holmes, and their co-workers. Their message must be presented to the general public and to practicing professionals. Some people keep talking about the "hypothetical possibility" that volatile and unstable heavy metals like mercury might cause harm when it is placed inside our bodies. This is commonly done by well-meaning doctors. The only people who deny that it is happening right here in America are the propagandists and those doctors and dentists who are not reading the research literature. There simply is no research whatever to support the use of neurotoxins inside the human body.  All the research goes against such practices and there is no other side to this issue. Mercury is neurotoxic, cytotoxic, genotoxic, and just plain poison. That's why Eli Lilly had to put the skull and cross bones on bottles of Merthiolate (the trade name for thimerosal).

It isn't hypothetical that mercury causes harm to developing fetuses, babies, children, pregnant mothers, adolescents, adults, and also to molecules, proteins, living cells, chromosomes, genes, vital organs, nerve tissues, and brains. There is nothing hypothetical about the harm to the body's biochemistry caused by such toxins. Poisons such as mercury --- no sense splitting hairs over the ethyl versus methyl varieties --- are causative agents in the sorts of neurological problems seen in autism and other neurological disorders. It can be said with certainty that toxins such as mercury generally (universally over the long haul) make autism and other neurological problems, not to mention cancers and diseases in general, worse. Toxins are certain to be primary triggers in some, perhaps, in many, cases of neurological difficulties. Toxins such as mercury in teeth, vaccines, medicines given to babies and pregnant women, are not merely suspected of causing problems of the sort seen in regressive conditions. Mercury is a known causal agent that exacerbates and can trigger neurological problems. Such toxins as mercury are especially harmful to folks with genetic susceptibilities concerning which we are learning more on an almost daily basis.

There were three standing ovations at the meetings over the three days of Autism07 and there were hundreds of positive comments from professionals and parents concerning every session.... Most of the written evaluations, which are still coming in as I write these words, peg the scale on the positive side.... And we ain't just whistlin' Dixie. It was fantastic or as one of our Sertoma volunteers said, "Freakin' awesome!" Thanks to the parents, the speakers, the volunteers, and the professionals who presented posters, the exhibitors who brought their equipment and products, the partners who gave hard-earned money, the advertisers, the audio-visual staff, and all the workers at the Cajundome Convention Center and the Hilton Garden Inn.

Autism07 may not have solved the autism epidemiic, but bringing the research to bear from people in-the-know is a step toward the desired solution, and we're not finished yet... (John W. Oller, Jr., PhD, Hawthorne Regents Professor, and Organizer of Autism07).

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Purpose of the Conference

Continuing Education
up to13.25 CME, CDE, CNE, or other CEUs.ASHA_CE_

kirby wakefield cave carbone
Mr. David Kirby, award winning author of Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic 2005 Dr. A.Wakefield, MD, author of 135 research papers & expert in the gastrointerology of autism spectrum & related disorders Dr. Stephanie Cave, MD, author, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations 2001 Dr.V.Carbone, EdD, BCBA, expert in Applied Behavior Analysis & Verbal Behavior author of peer-reviewed articles.
carbone carbone carbone John Oller
Dr. Stephen von Tezchner, PhD, Prof Dev. Psych U. Oslo, specialist in augmentative & alternative communication Mr. Jeff Sell, Esq., Director Chapters & Membership Autism Society of America jzsell@jzslaw.com Dr. David Kennedy, DDS, founder of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, specialist in dental amalgam & health related issues Dr. J. Oller, PhD, Hawthorne Regents Professor, Organizer of Autism07, & author of Milestones & 244 publications on related subjects

Autism07, about Solving the Autism Puzzle.
What is causing the increase in autism diagnoses and what can be done about it? This international conference focused on the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Autism07 was perhaps the most widely accredited of its kind in the history of the study of autism.