Welcome to the lab of Dr. Joshua Vaughan in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Our research includes a variety of controls and robotics related work, including vibration control, input shaping, crane control, human-machine interfaces, mobile robotics, mine detection, and inspection robots.


Yes, we're following a long line of labs doing great work that have acronym names, such as the GRITS Lab at Georgia Tech and the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. In our case, we're paying homage to a delicious creature from our Louisiana home, the crawfish. For us, C.R.A.W.LAB is the home to research focusing on Controls, Robotics, and Automation, With respect for human interaction.

Look Around

You can take a look around our lab spaces with one of the webcams linked below. Note: As of March 15, 2015, the webcams are only viewable on campus. We're working on a solution.

  • Camera 1 — Alternates Between our 3D printer and entrance to Rougeou 110
  • Camera 2 — HiBot CRAWler and Graduate Student offices
  • Camera 3 — View of the MCHE201 Design Studio

Recent News

A big congratulations to C.R.A.W.LAB graduate student Bobby for winning the graduate section of the UL Lafayette Engineering and Technology week poster contest!!! Congratulations to C.R.A.W.LAB undergraduate researcher Erin, as well, for a 3rd-place finish in the undergraduate section of the contest.

Congratulations to C.R.A.W.LAB student Nicole for her third place finish in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Graduate School's Three Minute Thesis competition. Congratulations to C.R.A.W.LAB student Yasmeen on being selected as one of the five finalist.

News of Dr. Vaughan's research presentation at Wuxi Institude of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was posted on the Institute's website.

Today (3/8), Dr. Vaughan is traveling to the Wuxi Institude of Huazhong University of Science and Technology to present some C.R.A.W.LAB research and introduce researchers there to the great work we're doing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

News of Dr. Vaughan's visit to Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) was posted on the HUST website.