Welcome to the lab of Dr. Joshua Vaughan in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Our research includes a variety of controls and robotics related work, including vibration control, input shaping, crane control, human-machine interfaces, mobile robotics, mine detection, and inspection robots.


Yes, we're following a long line of labs doing great work that have acronym names, such as the GRITS Lab at Georgia Tech and the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. In our case, we're paying homage to a delicious creature from our Louisiana home, the crawfish. For us, C.R.A.W.LAB is the home to research focusing on Controls, Robotics, and Automation, With respect for human interaction.

We aim to make C.R.A.W.LAB inclusive and respectful to all. For more information, see the C.R.A.W.LAB Code of Conduct page on this site.

Look Around

You can take a look around our lab spaces with one of the webcams linked below. Note: As of January 30, 2017, the webcams are only viewable on campus. We're still working on a solution.

Recent News

This week (10/11 — 10/13/17), Dr. Vaughan and C.R.A.W.LAB students Daniel and Gerald all attended the 2017 Dynamic Systems and Control (DSC) Conference in Tysons Corner, VA. Daniel and Gerald both gave their first-ever conference presentation.

Last week (9/12 — 9/16/17), the UL Lafayette ARLISS team traveld to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to compete in ARLISS 2017. Some pictures from the trip can be found at: https://flic.kr/s/aHskQREGFS

This week (8/26 — 8/30/17), Dr. Vaughan is traveling to the 2017 IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications to present two C.R.A.W.LAB papers.

Congratulations to C.R.A.W.LAB M.S. student Forrest for graduating last week (08/04/17).

On 5/31/17, C.R.A.W.LAB student Forrest successfully defended his M.S. Thesis titled, Design and Control of a Planar Cable Suspended Parallel Manipulator. A huge congratulations to him.

Congratulations to C.R.A.W.LAB M.S. student Nicole for graduating (05/12/17).

On 3/30, C.R.A.W.LAB student Nicole successfully presented her non-thesis M.S. project, titled Command Generation for Reducing Vibration of a Cable-Driven Parallel Manipulator for the Inspection of Vertical Structures. A huge congratulations to her.