Hunter B. McClendon

Online Resume
Group Proposal
            Technical Writing Portfolio for Spring Semester 2011
  Project Descriptions:

Project 1: Online resume
Project Description:
  • This online resume was intended to be used by potential future employers as a reliable guide to my work and school experience.
Project 2: Instructions
Project Description:
  • The purpose of this set of instructions was to teach somebody how to mix a long island iced tea step by step.
  • The target audience is a novice bartender for personal use of for a reliable guide to mixing the drink to be served at a bar.
Project 3: Group Proposal
Project Description:
  • The purpose os this assignment was to pursuade the UL Student Government Association (SGA) to iprove sidewalk condition around campus and utilize new recycled rubber walkways instead of conventional concrete.
  • The project was presented with a group of 4 in front of the class to practice presentation skills.
  • The target audience was primarily SGA.
  • My contribution to this project was the construction of a formal memo to SGA highlighting the main ideas of our proposal, as well as presenting a portion of the slides in the actual presentation.