Broussard, Connie W

University of Southwestern Louisiana -- Home of Ragin' Cajun Athletics

The VERMILION: World-Wide Web Edition (USL Student Newspaper).

Catalogue or Search Index of Personal World-Wide Web Pages at USL.

List of Servers in Louisiana. Choices include WWW, FTP & Gopher Sites.

International Alpha Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Great News for USL Students -- Free Starter Homepage from The DUKE!

The ACM Alpha Chapter is busy building its archive of FREE Web images.

The HTML Cheat Sheet is a basic guide. Advanced HTML guides also exist.

List of HTML, HTTP & WWW Tools. A WWW Tutorial by Kevin Hughes.

List of All Registered WWW Servers Sorted by Continent, Country & State.

List of All Colleges and Universities Sorted Alphabetically or Geographically.

Tutorials: Internet Roadmap, Internet Tourbus, Unix, or the Visual Editor.

Laudations: This page created via the efforts of Meng Weng Wong and The DUKE!

Disclaimer: This document does not represent UCSS or the University of Southwestern Louisiana.