Report 2

presented April 25, 2006

No course of this type could--nor ever should try to--cover completely the canon of Middle English literature. Even with the limited number of works we read in this course, too little in-depth study of each is allowed by time constraints. So in lieu of covering as a class a few items, you will each deliver a report. The activity itself is simply an oral presentation of information concerning the assigned topic. You might look at the report as the response to a panic-stricken friend who says, “I’m taking my Area 1 (Medieval) comp in ten minutes and realize that I somehow utterly forgot to study X, so tell me what I need to know?” (I do not recommend being like the friend in this scenario!) Your answers should be aimed at providing as much knowledge as you can in those ten minutes: authorship/major work, themes, critical response, important editions, etc. While no handout, annotated bibliography, or audio-visual component is necessary, those types of enhancements are decidedly welcome.

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