Amendment XXVIII (proposed to the U.S. Constitution)
rough draft by A.G. Hill web_resume.html


After ten years from the ratification of this article the production, importation
and combustion of carbon based Fossil Fuels for the purposes of electric power
generation, transportation, or space heating, within the United States and all
territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof is hereby prohibited.


The United States Military and agricultural pursuits relating to acreages larger
than 20 acres are exempted from the provisions of this article. This article is
not intended to construe that carbon based fuels produced from agriculture are
prohibited from use for electric power generation, transportation, or space heating.


Congress may enact legislation providing incentives for adaptation to non-fossil
fuels and penalties for importation, production, and combustion of fossil fuels for
electric power generation, transportation, or space heating after the prohibition

Incentives may take into consideration the regional economic effect of adaptation
to non-fossil fuels. Incentives may take the form of periods of exemption from air
pollution regulations or tort liablility. Incentives may specifically be used to
expedite the application of nuclear power.

Penalties must not be based on historical use of fossil fuels prior to the
prohibition date. Penalties must not be punitive in nature but instead be
disincentives for continued importation, production, or combustion of fossil fuels
in the manner proscribed. Penalties exceeding $10,000 may be related to the
thermal energy of the fossil fuel imported, produced, or combusted illegally
and have a monetary value comparable to a multiple of three times the estimated
cost of reasonably available non-fossil fuel replacements that provide generally
equivalent efficiency and reliability.